Friday, September 4

No Coupons this Sunday!

Just a friendly reminder that there will be no coupon inserts this Sunday due to the Labor Day weekend. Hope you all have a happy and safe Labor day weekend!

Tuesday, August 25

Free 8 x 10 Collage from Walgreens!!!

I just ordered mine...thanks to The Freebie Blogger (Links HERE)

Just put in FUNDAY in the code and make sure you mark to pick it up at your local Walgreens!

$3.99 value...FREE!


Thursday, August 13

Really Cheap Campbell's Soups..including the Creams!

Walgreens has an in store ad for $0.79 for a 10.75 oz can, limit 5.

(click here) and you enter your email and get 2 copies of $1/2 soups!!!

$1.58 for 2 Cans (w/ in-ad q)
-1.00 off of 2 (printable q)
$0.58 total

(equaling $0.29 ea)

Buy 4 for $1.16
w/ 2 coupons!

Wednesday, August 12

July 2009 Drugstore Totals


Total OOP ~ $9.32

*More than normal, but needed
the Olay face stuff!*

Total savings: $ 46.57

Items Bought:
2 Head & Shoulders Shampoos
1 Lady Speedstick Travel Deodorant
1 CVS pantiliners
1 Gillette Fusion Razor
3 Packs of Papermate Pens
3 Single Subject Notebooks
3 Tylenol Arthritis Pills (donate)
3 Oil of Olay products
1 Huggies diapers
2 Gold Emblem travel nuts


Total OOP ~ $0.87

Total savings: $22.10

Items Bought:
5 Bic Highlighters (5 pk of highlighters)
1 Papermate Mech. Pencils (5 pk of pencils)

CVS this week 8/9-8/15

Nothing much that I was interested in except the The Playtex Sport product.

My lone transaction:

$4.99 Playtex (limit one, get $4 ecbs)
-1.00 Peelie from previous box or in your 6/7 SS or IP (here)
-3.96 Ecb's ($1.98, $1.98)
$0.44 tax
$0.47 on GC, so No OOP for me this time!

Plus, got $4 ecb's back. =)

Saving the $5 off $25 I have for next week!

Sunday, August 9

$5 off $25 @ CVS

Found (here) Thanks to The Freebie Blogger...take the quiz and get the coupon. It's only 5 questions and you don't have to get them correct. If you have more than one computer, you might be able to print multiples. =) ENJOY!

Friday, July 24

$0.77 Strawberry's in the 16 oz Container!

This week, if you haven't seen the Ralph's ad, they are selling their 16 oz Strawberries for 77 cents a piece! I got 3 today just for the next couple of days. can freeze them! If you cut the stems off first and maybe halve them, you can just throw them into the blender for some smoothies! YUM!

Friday, July 17

CVS one more time this week!

I needed some Olay facial stuff. =) And, I got emailed a $5 off $30 coupon. Here is what I did.

$6.99 - Olay
-1.00 - Olay Q from P&G
$6.99 - Olay
-1.00 - Olay Q from P&G
$6.99 - Olay
-1.00 - Olay Q from P&G
-2.00 - CRT $2 off any skin care purchase (get $10 when you buy $20 worth of Olay!)

$8.99 - Huggies
-1.50 - Huggies Q from inserts
-2.00 - CRT $2 off any Huggies

$0.99 - Gold Emblem travel nuts
$0.99 - Gold Emblem travel nuts
-2.00 - CRT $2/2 Gold Emblem nuts

-5.00 - $5/$30
-8.98 - ECBs

$0.98 tax
$8.44 OOP, get $10 in ECBs

Saved $32.48
$525.02 YTD savings!

Usually more than I like to spend, but I am picky about facial stuff and this is way less than I would normally pay for 3 items and a pack of diapers!

Sunday, July 12

CVS this week...close to free!

I had to stop in and get some things b/c I noticed they tend to be out of the free stuff by mid-week. So I did 4 transactions and didn't read the fine print...limit...but did great anyway!

#1 ~ saved $12.00

$7.98 - 2 Tylenol Arthritis @ $3.99 (money maker $1!)
-4.00 - 2 $2/1 Tylenol Q's
-4.00 - ECBs
$0.35 - tax
$0.33 on gift card

Earn $6.00 back in ECBs

#2 ~ Saved $16.00

$7.99 - Gillette Fusion razor
-4.00 - Razor Q P&G
$3.99 - Tylenol Arthritis
-2.00 - Tylenol Q
-6.00 - Ecbs from #1 transaction
$0.52 - tax
$0.50 OOP

Earn $7.00 in ECBs

#3 ~ Saved $5.89

$2.97 - 3 Packs of Papermate pens
-2.89 - ECB's
$0.01 - tax
$0.09 on gift card

Earn $2.97 Ecb's

#4 ~ Saved $8.37

$2.97 - 3 Tablets of paper
2.97 - ECBs
$0.00 OOP = Free!

This is where I messed up, b/c the limit on the paper is 2. I could have substituted the ruler or glue to get back the same Ecb's. However, I'm not worried about it!

Wednesday, July 8

CVS this week!

I made a quick trip last night...the hubs likes the H&S shampoo and was in need of some. Also, with the BOGO sale w/ ECB's, I couldn't pass it up! Here's what I did.

$4.99 Head & Shoulders Shampoo (get $2 ecbs) (from last weeks P&G 7/5)
$4.99 Head & Shoulders Shampoo (get $2 ecbs)
-5.99 BOGO Q (she took off the org. price)

$0.89 CVS Pantiliners (free after ecbs)

$0.99 Lady Speedstick travel size
-1.00 CRT $1 off any Lady Speedstick from Q Machine

-5.00 ecbs

$0.51 tax

$0.38 OOP! (Received $4.89 in ecb's)

**Got my $1 of spring spending!

$14.09 Saved this trip
$468.67 Year to date savings

Saturday, June 27

Free Neosporin To Go Packs @ Walgreens on Clearance

So, I thought I would get some $.50 bandaid deal (2 for $3.00 then used 2 $1 off q's!) So...I was checking out the clearance section and noticed the Neosporin To Go Packets (in a box, 10 packets) for $1 EACH! I had 3 $1 off coupons to get them free. They have an expiration date of 12/09, but I'm assuming we will have many scraps and cuts this summer and this is perfect to have ready for the kids. I have been using the J&J little plastic box kit and just refilling it w/ bandaids and neosporin. So, I hope you can finds some!

Here was my Walgreens Reciept:

$9.00 - 6 Bandaids *all kinds, ended up w/ almost 250 bandaids!
-6.00 - 6 $1/1 any bandaid

$3.00 - 3 Neosporin To Go packs
-3.00 - 3 $1/1 any Neosporin

$1.05 - Tax

$4.05 OOP! I'm stocked for a couple years w/ bandaids. lol!

$34.41 in WAGs Advertised Saviings
$ 9.00 in Coupon Savings
$43.41 in Total savings! Over 90 %!

Tuesday, June 23

Free Bounty @ Ralphs

I'm not sure how long this will last. I found it yesterday. If you received a P&G coupon booklet...there are 3 $1/1 Any Bounty Paper towels. They are on sale for $1 ea. =) Free!

The Flipz...covered pretzels are free too! They are $1 ea and the coupon is for $.50/1 which will double at Ralphs.

Also...the Dawn Natural Elements are on sale for $2.50 ea...if you use the June P&G coupon from earlier this month for $1.50/1...makes them $1 ea for the big one! Great price!

I ended up getting 3 papertowel rolls, 7 flipz and 2 dawn elements (the big ones) last night for $2.70! (I had to do sep. transactions for the flipz b/c they will not double more than one like coupon.)

Monday, June 8

K-mart Super Doubles

Well, I was so excited to see that they were doing Super Doubles this week...until I learned that the fine print says 10 coupons per customer per day! Sigh. 10 coupons!! I don't live close to the store and I usually take my binder and cruise each aisle. So...this might not be worth it for me.

Friday, June 5


Finally back from vacation...Just in time to get myself prepared because....

Kmart is doing SUPER DOUBLES starting this SUNDAY!!!

June 7th thru June 13th!

Friday, May 22

I've been MIA

Sorry to those that usually read this blog....I have been MIA due to a family vacation. I plan on still using my coupons while I'm away...I'll post them if I score some deals. Also... I was in CVS and got a $5 off $30.00 purchase. Came in handy for the formula I needed. Hope you are all scoring some great deals!

Thursday, May 7

My Kmart Freebies

I didn't get as excited this time around....but I did have some coupons for free things...well...3, but I did it....

$1.29 kotex liners
-1.29 kotex q $0.75/1 doubled (FREE)

$1.29 kotex liners
-1.29 kotex q $0.75/1 doubled (FREE)

$1.99 Huggies Wipes
-1.99 Huggies Wipes Q $1/1 doubled (FREE)

$0.22 tax and final OOP!

Monday, May 4

Kmart Freebies

Here are what I am seeing for free...I have not been in our store, so don't quote me on the prices. =) I got most of my info from brag threads. So thanks to the ladies that post and pass on the info to us!

Kotex liners ~ They are usually $1.29 ea
Use $0.75/1, 4/5 SS

Bic Pens $1.59,
Use $1/1 IP from my coupon bar

Playtex Handsaver Gloves $1.69-$2.19
Use $1/1 from 5.3 SS

Kraft BBQ Sauce on Sale 5/$5
Use $.75/1 coupon from 5.3 SS

Chinet Plates $3.49
Use $2/1 from 5.3 SS

Visine on Sale on Sale 2/$5
Use $2/1 IP

Sunday, May 3

$1 off Any Bic on My Coupon Bar

I'm sure this might equal free pens or close to free pens @ the Kmart Super Doubles.

Clearance Products @ Ralphs

I was in there this last week and found they brought back their clearance baskets.

I happened to notice the Right Guard Men's Deodorant marked from $2.99 to $1.49. I also had a $1/1 Right Guard Q making them $0.49 ea. I picked up 4. This is about as good of a deal that you can get at Kmart when they do Super Doubles.

I also saw some Gerber Graduates Finger Foods marked from $2.15 to $1.09. I didn't have my Gerber Q's, but got them anyway.

Last Thanksgiving...I found some organic canned pureed sweet potatoes that I used for my lil man as baby food. The work was already done for $0.75 ea! (I also got some Organic Pumpkin too!)


Always check the expiration dates!!!
**If it's meat, use or freeze right away**

I always check to make sure it hasn't been tampered with...
like the box is fully sealed (w/out tape!)
I took the cap off the deodorant and check!

I learned my lesson one time buying a deodorant for me. I didn't check it before I left CVS and when I went to use it, you could tell someone had used it prior! EWW! So always, I repeat always look under the cap!!!

Saturday, May 2

Wahoo...Kmart is $2...Starts tomorrow!!

Confirmed...we are doing a $2 doubler!

Thanks Janette @ Ritz Party of 4!!

April 2009 Drugstore Recap

Well, I didn't really make it in to Walgreens for any deals this month. This month seemed busy...and it's already gone. Sigh. I did get some great deals at CVS though for less than a quarter OOP

CVS Total OOP ~ $0.24
Total savings: $28.89

Items Bought:
1 Softsoap body wash
1 Colgate Toothpaste
1 Crest Toothpaste
1 Mento's Gum
2 bags of Hershey's candy (Easter)
1 Easter notepad filler
1 CVS ReUsable Bag
1 Edge Shaving Gel

Thursday, April 30

Kmart Super Doubler up to $0.75! Maybe $2!!!!

NOTE: This might be a MisPrint...Reports are that corporate is saying it should have been $2. I might try calling to confirm tomorrow!

Next week, from May 3rd to May 9th, Kmart is doubling up to $0.75. So that will make anything that might be $1.50 free. I will keep a look out to see if anyone finds some good deals worth going. Kinda bummed it's only $0.75, usually it's $2. Maybe we will see it again in a couple of weeks.

I'll try to get a list of Freebies going if ours will only honor $0.75 coupons...

Usually free w/ a $0.75 Q

Kotex liners ~ They are usually $1.29 ea ($0.75/1, 4/5 SS)

$1 off Kellogg's Coupons!

These are great coupons! Make sure you get yours....Being Frugal is Fabulous has the links (here).

And, make sure you print them out the back page to get another round. You can only do them twice.

AND....You can print out another set my coupon bar>>>>>> right over there! =) Make sure you backpage to get them twice.

Might want to hold them for when a cereal deal comes...I'll keep you posted if I find one.

Monday, April 27

Vons Trip today...Living Well Promo

Well, I had a $10 catalina to roll so I did an impromptu trip before I went golfing with the hubby! Here's what I ended up doing. (Living Well Promo ~ You have to buy $30 of marked items...with white tags...and you will get $10 off you next purchase. Our Vons says you can only use one per day/transaction a day, but you can roll it from day to day. I have done the deal like 5 times now)

$5.00 - 2 bertolli sauces ($2.50 ea)
- 1.50 - $1.50/2 Q

$13.93 - 7 Capri sun Sunrises
- 7.00 - 7 $1/1 Capri sun sunrises

$1.99 - Zatarians

$3.00 - No Yoke Noodles
-1.00 - $1/2 Q

$3.99 - Finish Dishwasher Tabs
-2.50 - $2.50/1 Q

$2.99 - Right Guard Extreme
-1.00 - $1.00/1 Q

$30.90 Subtotal (14 items)
$ 0.27 Tax
-13.00 In Coupons
-10.00 Catalina from prev. purchase
$8.17 OOP

Plus I got another $10 off for next time!

82% savings ~ $35.57!!

Saturday, April 25

CVS Today (18 cents)

We made a pit stop...I didn't have a plan (as I usually do) I just winged it. Here is what I did.

$2.88 Crest Pro Health
-1.00 Crest (I think from All You)
$2.89 Edge Shaving Gel
$0.99 CVS shopping bag
-0.99 Free Bag (rain check)
$0.33 candy filler last minute
-4.99 ecbs
$0.07 tax
$0.18 OOP got back $2 & $2.89, so lost 11 cents but a nice little trip!

Tuesday, April 21

You might want to Stop by Walgreens on Wednesday...

The word from "FREEBIES 4 MOM" is that Wags is giving out a reusable bag with any purchase and including a 15% off coupon....Looks like I will have to make a pit stop.

Monday, April 20

One Last Kmart Trip for me ... PLUS an added Bonus!

I had to go back...I LOVE the Renuzit sprays!!! PLUS: my receipt from tonight said the following...

You can now save even more money at Kmart.
Kmart now accepts online manufacturer coupons!!!!

note: we already knew that =)

Here's what I got tonight:

4 Renuzit sprays (Free)
4 Huggies wipes (Free)
3 Ousts (Free)
3 Soft Soap Scrubbing Pads (Free)
4 Boxes of Rice Crispies ($4 for all 4 ~ only had 3 - $1 Q's)
1 Vaseline Lotion ($0.50)
2 (50 count) ziploc bags ($1 ea)

$3.16 OOP

PLUS: I am eligible for a $5 Kmart gift card from the 4 boxes of Rice Crispies...making money...I love it!

Correction: Angel Soft TP for FREE!

Saw on The Thrifty Mama (kroger store), but Ralphs should be the same...Angel Soft TP on sale for $0.99. The coupon yesterday's inserts for $0.50 would double to make it free!!! Enjoy some Free TP!

I got 9 today. I had to do separate transactions to get them to double...but the clerk, Hector, was wonderful and didn't mind. NOTE: I went to the self checkout lane.

9 - 4pk AngelSoft TP
2 Skippy PB
4 Quaker Snacks (sale for $0.99, use $1/1 to get them for FREE)

$3.32 OOP!

Verified Total Savings of $31.69!!!

Thursday, April 16

Kmart Super Doubles! *updated w/ my trip!*

It's confirmed...Super Doubles @ Kmart this week in our area.

Here is what I did....
#1 Trip In.

1 Vaseline for Men ($2.50-$1.25 doubled = FREE)
4 Kotex liners (1.29 ea. - $0.75 doubled = FREE)
1 Degree Deodorant ($2.50-$1 doubled = $0.50)
1 Diego Bandaid ($2.19-$1 doubled = $0.19)
1 Bandaid Kit ($0.99-$1 *i think i actually got a penny over! = FREE)
4 Soft Scrub Scrubbers ($2.50 ea - $1.50 doubled = FREE)
2 Ziploc container pack ($2.50 ea - $1 doubled (PEELIE ON PACKAGE) = $.50 ea)
4 Huggies wipes ($1.99 ea - $1 doubled = FREE)
4 Bottles of Shout ($2.61 ea - $1 doubled = $0.61 ea)
2 Ziploc Sandwich bags ($4.00 - $1/2 doubled = $1 ea)
-5.00 ($5 off $50 purchase)
$1.12 Subtotal
+2.22 tax
$3.34 OOP

My Total Savings: $28.79
My coupons redeemed: $24.25
$49.62 total Q's doubled and includes $5 Q!

Trip #2
4 Ziploc containers ($2.50 ea -$1 peelie doubled = $0.50 ea)
4 Renuzit Sprays ($1.79 - $1 doubled = FREE)
4 Triscents ($4.49 ea - $4 = $0.49 ea)
4 Pedialytes ($5.49 ea - $2 doubled = $1.49 ea - heard a rumor about a catalina, didn't work!)
-5.00 $5 off $50
$9.71 Subtotal
$2.16 tax
$6.87 OOP minus $1 for the 2 triscents for a friend = $5.87!!!

My total savings: $34.53
Coupons Redeemed: $32.00
$57.08 in products - $52.37 in doubled Q's and $5!

$9.21 OOP!
40 items & $4.38 was tax!
$101.99 total Q's (adding the doubles!)

This was a great trip!

Wednesday, April 15

Scanning the Von's Ad for this week * work in progress*

I didn't get our normal ads from the grocery stores this week...I'm checking them out online. Here are some deals worth noting.

Free Re-usable Bag w/ $50 purchase
w/ in-ad Q (while supplies last)

Rice or Pasta Roni $0.89 ea. (limit 6)
The Scenario:
Q = $1/4 (3/8 RP) OR $1/3 (IP HERE)
RP Q $0.89 (4) = $3.56 - $1 Q = $2.56 for 4
IP Q's $0.89 (6) = $5.34 - 2 ($1/3) = $3.34 for 6

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent
55 to 80-oz. 2x Liquid. Selected varieties.
$3.29 ea.

AND... Vons is doing a Living Well $30 worth of participating products, get a $10 catalina off your next purchase...they are Rollable! Stay tuned...I have been scanning the message boards for examples. I found an attachment of the participating items...but it's just a general product description (however, there are food items and cleaning items, etc!). So I will make sure to get back on here with any deals I find!

I think Arm & Hammer is on the list...Here's what I'm thinking I might do:
Buy 10 Arm & Hammer Detergent = 32.90
(I wish I had Q's!)
Get $10 back to roll on the next...or the better idea would be find the participating products (marked in the store) w/ which I have matching Q's to make the initial OOP lower and roll that into the detergent. =) Going to be a fun time @ Vons this week!

Tuesday, April 14

6 cents OOP @ CVS!

I didn't get a picture...but it was a great run. Lost a buck in ecb's but I'll get it back next time on the mento's deal. Here's the breakdown:

$1.25 Hershey's Bliss eggs *easter clearance*
-1.00 Any Hershey's bliss from CVS beauty insert

$0.75 Hershey kisses...easter...clearance/filler

$0.13 Filler (easter note egg thingy)

$3.99 Colgate Toothpaste (Free after ECb's)
-0.75 Any Colgate toothpaste

$4.99 Softsoap body wash (Free after Ecb's)
-1.00 Any Softsoap

$1.69 Mento's gum (didn't get to use coupon)

$0.01 tax
-10.00 ecb's from before

= $0.06 OOP! Got back $4.99 and $3.99! Not much to choose from this week...but the coupon machine gave me a $2/$10 cosmetic Q. So I will look to next week and see what I can find! =)

Monday, April 13

The Skinny on Catalina Coupons

This is an example of a catalina coupon. It prints out from a separate machine, usually located next to the register. You usually get them with your receipt at Albertsons, Ralphs or Vons...mainly grocery stores. We love them at Albies...they usually are $5 off your next order, or $10 off your next order! =) You can roll with the Post Deal below!

At the same time, you can receive catalina coupons at Walgreens...they are referred to as "Register Rewards". Example: This week, Walgreens has Colgate Maxwhite Toothbrush $3.29, but when you buy it you will receive a coupon like the one to the left for $3.29 off your next purchase (it will have Walgreens name on it and also has an expiration date...don't's free money!). It usually spits out after the transaction ends. The only problem w/ Walgreens' Register Rewards (RR) program is that you cannot roll them. You cannot buy a toothbrush for $3.29 and get $3.29 in RR and try to use it to do the same transaction and roll it. You will end up w/ another toothbrush but it will not give you a $3.29 off your next purchase. What you want to do is use it towards another RR product in a different manufacturer family. Also, when you find the Free after want to find a coupon to make money off of it. For example, say I have a $1 off any Colgate toothbrush. I use it, pay $2.29 for it and get back $3.29. So I just made a dollar...also called a Money Maker! I hope this helps.

Saturday, April 11

No Coupons this Sunday!

Just a reminder...there are no inserts this Sunday. It's Easter! I still have so much to clip from last week!

And...I think I read somewhere that Kmart might start doing "Super Doubles" monthly...toward the end of the month. =) We shall see...I'll keep a look out.

Monday, April 6

Huggies $0.75 Wipes Printable

Just noticed there is a Huggies wipes coupon for $0.75 on my right side bar! CVS is doing a Huggies deal this $25 worth of Huggies/Similac/etc get $10 ECBs back. NOTE: The wipes are the mega pack...which is essentially the refills. That's a decent price considering $2.50 is usually a sale price for the individual bucket. =)

Sunday, April 5

Cheap Post Cereal @ Albertsons

Thanks to Holly for pointing this out and Erin @ I am frugal for the details!!! Thanks ladies!!! I also heard there are many more varieties that were not listed at the same price (all Post of course). **Below is all from Erin's blog!**

There is a large variety of Post cereals on sale this week at most Albertsons stores for $1.57 a box when you buy 2 boxes. There is also a great Catalina deal going on where if you buy 5 boxes of Post cereal you will receive a coupon for $5 off your next shopping order. PLUS, there are a few great coupons for $1/2 in the 3/1 and 3/29 SmartSource inserts. Combine all these things together and you have a GREAT deal on some yummy cereals.

Here is how it works:

Buy 5 boxes of Post Cereal (make sure you are getting the ones that are included in the deal)
Use 2 $1/2 coupons from the 3/1 or 3/29 SmartSource inserts
Spend $6.35 plus tax out of pocket
Get a $5 catalina off your next shopping order
Final Price: $.17 each after coupons and catalina!!

And, the best part about this deal is that you can keep rolling your catalina. So, buy 5 boxes of cereal and pay $6.35 out of pocket the first time and then you can keep going back and getting more boxes and pay for them with your catalinas!

Even if you don't have any of the $1/2 coupons this would still be a GREAT deal. Your cereal would come out to about $.65 per box!!!

To see more of Albertson's Deals for the week make sure to check out their deals HERE!

Friday, April 3

March's Drugstore Savings!

$48.19 Total OOP
$168.51 Total Savings!!

I know the OOP is higher this month...but considering I got 2 Similac Box Powders, 1 pack pull-ups and 2 jumbo packs of diapers...this is great! I would've been way over $50 getting the above at a regular store!

CVS Total OOP ~ $10.98
Total savings: $88.21

Items Bought:
1 Similac Huge Powder
1 Jumbo pack Pullups
2 Palmolive dish soaps
1 Crest toothpaste
1 Travel size playschool wipes
4 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes
2 Veet Products
1 Srubbing bubbles action kit
1 Glade Lasting impressions
1 Note book ($0.25 clearance)
1 Shopping list ($0.25 clearance)
2 J&J Buddies Soaps
2 Soft Soap Refills
1 Egg Coloring kit

Walgreens Total OOP ~ $37.21
Total savings: $80.30

Items Bought:
2 Jumbo Huggies diapers
2 Kotex liners (bigger box)
2 Mini Easter sticker books
2 Foogo Sippy Cups
2 Gillette Fusion Razor
1 Degree Deodorant
1 Easter Stickerbook
1 Similac Huge Powder
1 Colgate Toothpaste

Tuesday, March 31

CVS, Albertsons, VONS & Target Trip

I went out last night to take advantage of some deals before some of my coupons expired. Here is what I did!!!

$2.79 - Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$2.79 - Sally Hansen Nail Polish
-2.79 - Buy one get one Sally Hansen
-3.00 - CVS Q from a booklet exp. 3/31 (Both FREE!)

$2.79 - Sally Hansen Nail Polish
$2.79 - Sally Hansen Nail Polish
-2.79 - Buy one get one Sally Hansen
-3.00 - CVS Q from a booklet exp. 3/31 (Both FREE!)**was tempted to do more!**

$0.25 - Filler Notebook clearanced

$0.25 - Filler Shopping list for the fridge

$5.99 - Glade Lasting Impressions (get $1 back in ecbs)
-1.00 - CVS Q from coupon machine
-4.00 - Manufacture's Q from 3/29 insert

$2.99 - Action Scrubbing Bubbles starter kit (FREE)
-2.75 - Internet Printable
-1.00 - CVS Q from coupon machine

$1.99 - Paas Easter Egg coloring kit (get $1.99 ecb back)

$3.99 - Soft Soap refill (buy 2, get $4 ecb's)
-2.00 - Manu. Q from a couple weeks ago
$3.99 - Soft Soap refill
-2.00 - Manu. Q from insert

$5.49 - Veet Shaving Gel (buy $10, get $5 ecb's back)
-2.00 - Veet IP
$5.49 - Veet Shaving Gel
-2.00 - Veet IP

$2.38 - J&J Buddies Soap
-2.00 - 2 $1/1 expired 3/31

-5.00 - $5 off $30 purchase from coupon machine
-9.49 - Ecb's from prior purchases

-0.85 subtotal
$1.70 tax

$0.85 OOP!

Got back $11.99 ecb's!
Saved $51.82

$8.00 - 8 Barilla Pastas (10 for $10)
-1.00 - Free pasta ~ Not sure where this came from, but makes me happy!
-4.00 - 8 $0.50/1 inserts from LA Times 3/29

$3.00 OOP

Saved $14.52


1st transaction:
$14.00 - Kraft Dressings $2 ea (when you buy 10, goes to $1.50)
- 10.50 - Kraft Dressings from 3/29 insert (Ended up being FREE)
$ 4.00 - Aqua Pods water
+ 0.80 - CRV
-1.00 - $1/2 catalina for water
-5.00 - instant savings
$1.25 - cake mix (goes to $0.75 w/ sale)
-0.70 - $0.35/1 doubled (ended up costing me $0.05!
$2.85 OOP, got $2 catalina for next purchase (SAVINGS $36.11!! 93%)

2nd transaction:
$20.00 - 10 aqua pods
$4.00 - CRV
- 5.00 - Instant Savings
- 5.75 - in q's
$12.75 OOP, got $10 in cats (Savings $23.15, 64%)


we needed some diapers and I wanted to use the $3/1 Huggies Natural Care Products! The smaller jumbo packs were the better deal per diaper!

$9.99 - Huggies Diapers
-3.00 - IP Natural Care
$9.99 - Huggies Diapers
-3.00 - IP Natural Care

$5.49 - Huggies Natural Care refill
-3.00 - Huggies IP Natural Care

$2.00 - Gillette Men's Body Wash (FREE)
-2.00 - P&G insert $2/1 expired today

$0.97 - J&J Buddies Soap (FREE)
-1.00 - J& J Q

$2.20 tax
$18.64 OOP

Saved $13.10!

Monday, March 30

FREE @ CVS! **UPDATE** No go for Veet..still free Sally!

I found a beauty booklet (basically 2 pages w/ CVS Coupons) There are the old ones that expire tomorrow 3/31 and the new booklet...expiring in a couple of months!

In the Old Book...expiring 3/31 there is a CVS coupon for $3.00 off any 2 Sally Hansen Nails
CVS has a couple of options...the one count is $2.79 and there was a tag for $2.99 w/ an empty shelf. Basically...get 2 products under $3 and get them both for free plus overage! So make sure you get a little something to absorb the overage!

PLUS: There is a money maker deal on the VEET! The new booklet has $2 off any Veet product. You canNOT stack (it is a manfucturers Q) that with an interent printable to come out ahead. ECB deal is buy $10, get $5 ECB's back. However, you can use 2 from the booklet to get 2 for $2.83 after ecb's! Here is what the scenario looks like:

$5.49 Veet product
$5.49 Veet product (to get over $10)
-2.00 Veet IP (here thanks coupon cravings!)
-2.00 Veet IP or From the Beauty Book insert
+0.85 tax
$7.83 OOP, get $5 back in ECB's

If you have any ECBs onhand..use them!!!!

Sunday, March 29

Ralphs' Trip ~ Spent 98 cents, saved $61.82!

So, we had an impressive Ralph's trip today. Here's what happened (I was possibly expecting a $1.50 from esaver to come off...but 6 did = $ crazy!) Here's the breakdown:

$10.00 - 1 box Quaker life, 2 boxes Quaker sq.s cereal, one box Quaker delights
- 6.00 - Quaker promo
- 4.00 - $1/1 from Quaker instant oats from last month (box is labeled "savings inside")

$10.00 - 8 Tubes of Crest Toothpaste
- 9.75 - 6 $1/1 crest, 1 $0.75/1 doubled to $1, and one $0.75 no double
- 9.00 - esaver (i have never had it pull like that before! 6 X 1.50)

$3.00 - 3 Renuzit's 10 for $10
-1.00 - $0.55/3 doubled..thought this would catch the overage if it did pull once
= Ideally Free!

$8.00 - Mentos gum 10 for $10
-8.00 - $1/1 mentos gum (the daughter was happy!)

$1.73 tax

$6.98 OOP!

Then I realized that the Crest didn't pull off the $6. The promo was buy 4 @ $2.50 get $6 off to make them 4 for $4!

So I just asked him if it took of the $6 for the crest. It didn't. (I wasn't going to even complain that it didn't pull twice as it should've. I'm okay with getting out of there for $1 for everything! So he refunded me $6 cash!

$6.98 card
-6.00 cash back

Receipt says $61.82 Savings!

The woman behind me was so sweet and didn't mind that it was taking all day! I am going to say an extra prayer of blessing for her!

Saturday, March 28

Ralphs Deals this week!

1 offer per household on the following:
4 for $4
Quaker Cereal or Chewy Granola Bars
Quaker Fiber or True delights
(selected varieties)

Use four of any $1/1 and get all 4 for FREE!
3/1 RP for $1/1 True Delights
$1/1 Quaker Life inside box of oatmeal
3/8 RP $1/1 Chew Granola Bars
$1/1 True Delights IP (here)*

$1 off coupon for Maple & Brown Sugar Life (here)**
**Thanks to JENJUNUM!

3 offers per household for the following:
4 for $4
Crest Toothpaste
Oral B Indicator Toothbrush
Indicator Floss

Use 4 of any of the below and get them FREE (times 3!):
$1/1 Any Crest paste or gel from 3/15 PG
$1/1 Any Crest from 3/1 PG

Other Deals:
Fresh Express Salads or Slaws ~ $0.99 ea
Strawberries 16 oz ~ $0.99 ea
Ralphs 18 count eggs ~ $2.49

Rumored that Mentos Gum is 10 for $10
if you have the $1/1 = FREE
the $0.50/1 will double = FREE

Thursday, March 26

Trips to K-mart & Wal-mart Last night!

2nd trip to k-mart

$8.78 ~ 2 Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel (hubby is picky)
-4.00 ~ 2 $1/1 doubled (Final Price $2.39 ea)

$5.18 ~ 2 Degree Deodorants (hubby...once again. =)
-4.00 ~ 2 $1/1 doubled (Final Price $0.59 ea)

$2.69 ~ 1 Degree Deodorant (diff than above)
-2.00 ~ 1 $1/1 doubled (Final Price $0.69 ea)

$1.59 ~ 1 J&J baby cotton swabs
-1.59 ~ 1 $1/1 doubled (Final Price FREE)

$7.50 ~ 3 Natures Source Cleaners
-6.00 ~ 3 $1/1 doubled (Final Price $0.50 ea)

$14.95 ~ 5 Huggies one tub wipes
-10.00 ~ 5 $1/1 doubled (Final price $1 ea)

$7.00 ~ 2 Pledge Multi Surface (used my friends to get my total over $50)
-7.00 ~ 2 $2/1 IP's doubled (Final price FREE)

$2.50 - 2 Pop tarts clearance to $1.25 ea
-2.00 - $1/2 doubled (Final price $0.25 ea)

$2.49 - 1 box of Pop tarts
-2.00 - $1/1 right now peelie doubled (Final Price $0.50 ea)

$2.21 in tax

$15.20 OOP *** $40.82 in Savings!

Walmart Run to get some things before the Q's expire on 3/31!

$8.32 ~ 4 Aunt Jemima Syrups @ $2.08 ea
-2.00 ~ 2 $1/2 Q's (final price $1.58 ea)

$2.25 ~ 1 Dawn Direct Foam
-1.50 ~ $1.50/1 homemailer (final price $0.75 ea)

$16.00 ~ 4 Snuggle Cremes Fabric Softner @ $4 ea
- 6.00 ~ 2 $2/1 internet ip (here) and 2 $1/1 from insert (final price $2.50 ea for 50 loads ea.!!)

$1.00 ~ 100 straws (I'm so a straw girl!)

$5.00 - 2 Glade Candle Holders @ $2.50
-2.50 - BOGO Q from insert (final price $1.25 ea)

$2.97 ~ 1 Kashi Chewy Bars (raised their prices, were $2.50)
-2.00 ~ 1 $2/1 Chewy Kashi bars IP (not sure where I got it)

$1.88 tax

$23.42 OOP ***** Saved $15 in Coupons!

$38.62 Total from both stores (32 items)
$55.82 Total Savings!

Tuesday, March 24

Coupon Giveaway @ Sweeties Sweeps***I WON!

Update: I won the giveaway. I'm excited to get my coupons. =)

This is going to be a weekly giveaway, so make sure you check it out every week!

Ends Wednesday, the 25th of March....Check it out!!

As Wendy would say...

Life in the free world means stacking coupons, signing up for freebies, never paying for magazines again, dining out for free, downloading music for free, and even driving your next vehicle absolutely free!

My words...GOTTA LOVE IT! Good luck!

Monday, March 23

CVS & Walgreens 3/23

CVS trip was great...I got a $5/30 purchase...there weren't enough good deals this I think I'll wait to use it next week (expires 3/30). Here is what I did on a whim...

$3.49 Crest Toothpaste (Get $3.49 ecbs)
-1.00 Crest Q (P&G insert)
$1.99 Playschool wipes
-2.00 Any Playschool product from scanner
$1.79 Palmolive Dishsoap (sign said $1.49 get $1 !?! Dunno what happened)
$1.79 Palmolive Dishsoap (I was oblivious I guess)
-6.00 ecb's
$0.08 tax
$0.14 OOP! Oh yes, you read that right! (got 5.49 in ecb's back)


Walgreens trip was just ho hum. Nothing too appealing except a Foogo Thermos on clearance for $4.37. Used a $4 RR on it and paid $0.71 OOP. (says I saved $17.12!!) Crazy!

Sunday, March 22

Over $70 in savings @ Kmart!

I love it! I saved $73.78 on 25 items. I paid a whopping $7.55 OOP and $3.18 was tax alone!

Here is what I got:

2 Pledge Multi Surface Sprays
$3.50 ea - $2.00 IP doubled
Final price for 2 = FREE

3 Gillette Body Washes for my man
$4.49 ea - $2.00 doubled = $0.49 ea
Final price for 3 ~ $1.47

1 Marcal Paper towel (3 pk)
$3.50 ea - $2.00 doubled
Final price = FREE

1 Gillette Shaving cream (hubby needed)
$2.69 ea - $1.00 Q that didn't take!
Final price = $2.69 (I bit it!)

1 Celestial Tea Bag Sampler (20 bags)
$2.00 ea - $1.00 doubled
Final price = FREE

4 Oral B Toothbrushes
$3.69 ea - $2.00 doubled
Final price for 4= FREE

2 Carefree Liners
$3.69 ea - $1.50 IP doubled = $0.69 ea
Final price for 2 = $1.38

3 Kotex Liners
$1.29 ea - $0.75 doubled
Final price for 3= FREE

2 BandAids Assorted packs (40 in ea. box)
$2.49 ea - $1.00 doubled = $0.49 ea
Final price for 2 = $0.98

1 J&J Cloth tape (thought this was cheaper...I was slacking)
$2.99 ea - $1.00 doubled = $0.99 ea
Final price of 1= $0.99 (should've not gotten it!!)

1 Mens Vaseline Lotion
$3.49 ea - $1.25 doubled =$0.99
Final price doe 1 = $0.99

3 Loreal Single Eye Shadows
$4.29 ea - $2.00 doubled = $0.29 ea
Final price for 3= $0.87

1 J&J Baby Ear Swabs
$1.59 ea - $1.00 doubled
Final price = FREE

Minus $5/$50 purchase

= $7.55 OOP!!!!

$73.78 total savings (90% SAVINGS!)

Saturday, March 21

Bring On the SAVINGS!

I have been trying to keep my receipts to someday add up all the savings. I throw them into a plastic bin (drawer) and finally sorted them. I know this isn't all of them, I do have some stragglers and lingerers that I find randomly...but here are my savings from the reciepts I did find (includes Walmart, Target, Kmart Super Doubles, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Ralphs & Albertsons). I have just added up all the "Your verified savings, Today's Total Savings, etc" (does not include Costco)

Here are the totals!!!

$115.01 ~ August (when I first began my major couponing!)

$304.57 ~ September 2008

$377.40 ~ October 2008

$598.62 ~ November 2008

$635.72 ~ December 2008

$415.38 ~ January 2009 (we had visitors for the month and they bought some goods!)

$523.90 ~ February 2009

$177.48 ~ March so far....we have been using our stockpile. =) Time to stock up again!

$3,148.08 TOTAL SAVINGS in 8 months!

I am just amazed...also b/c I know this is not all the receipts! Plus, March is not over! So, no one can say that coupons are not worth your time....they do save you big!

Free Cereal @ Walgreens...maybe more stores!

Frugal, Freebies and Deals (here) has the link to get a $5/1 Glucerna cereal. Make sure you press the back button to get two coupons!

I think I saw it posted that Walgreens has this cereal for $4.99! So 2 free! I haven't checked out any other stores! But this would be a great filler item...if you had or get a $5 off $25 store Q! So you might want to hang onto it for a little bit...doesn't expire until 4/20!

Friday, March 20

Kmart Super Doubles!

So, I have my Q's clipped in preparation for the Super Doubles! It's Hip to Save (here) has a list of the products you can get for free or close to it! So gather them up and save save save!

(here) are the goods from my last trip!!!

Saturday, March 14

CVS last week!

I didn't post this last really wasn't any weekly deals or steals...just used up some ecb's to get some pull-ups and Similac. The breakdown:

$22.99 Similac on sale (couldn't find the $1 Q!)
$ 8.99 Pullups (nighttime backup)
- 2.00 pullups Q
-19.99 in ecb's
$9.99 total OOP!

Savings $26.99!

Year to date Savings ~ $198.43!! I just can't believe it!

Walgreens this week!

I had to stop by and get some diapers from the amazing diaper deal this week. You print out 4-$5 or 4-$3 Q's(deal seeking mom has the printable links - here). So diapers are $10, but if you buy $25 worth you get $10 in register rewards! I wanted to get a pack for myself & a pack for a shower gift. (us moms know that diapers are always a great gift!)

Here is what I did...

#1 transaction:
$10.00 Huggies (smaller size)
- 5.00 printable Q (only for size N-2!)
$10.00 Huggies (bigger size)
- 3.00 printable Q
$ 3.00 Kotex (needed them instead of more smaller diapers)
$ 3.00 Kotex (I didn't have my Q's w/ me! sigh! Bummer.)
$ 2.02 tax
-$10.99 on gift card
$10.03 OOP & got $10 in RR!

#2 transaction:
$4.37 Sippy cup on clearance..bpa free!
$8.99 Gillette Gamer (hubby likes!)
-4.00 Gillette Q
$1.00 2 Easter sticker books for daughter
$1.11 tax
-10.00 RR from #1 transaction
$1.47 OOP & got $4 RR for next trip!


Total OOP $11.50
Gain $4 in RR for next trip!

$14.56 savings trans. #1
$28.12 savings trans. #2
$42.68 Total savings!!

Wednesday, March 11

I WON! ~ a bangalla bag ~

I loved the designs & idea behind the I entered to win. Above is a picture of the bag I liked (it's super bright, more vibrant than the picture above shows!). It's a reusable grocery bag. I used it to hold my coupon binder yesterday when I went out! Loved it. It's are the extra additions from (here to check it out!)
  • Fashionable and creative designs & colors
  • 25 designs to choose from
  • patent pending design
  • super strong (holds over 35lbs)
  • made from 100% rip-stop fabric
  • ideal 19" X 16" inches in size
  • extra long handles with a huge carry area
  • streamlined slip-in pockets for small items
  • tucks back into attached storage pouch
  • reusable and eco-friendly
  • washable
I actually love it! It's super cute! They also offer many other reusable eco-friendly bags. I would encourage you to check out the site. (the bag above retails for $7.95)

Monday, March 2

Dinner Solutions ~ Chicken

We started doing this to save a ton of money on buying chicken. I saw this article (here) @ $5 Dinners. We have been buying the Foster Farms split chicken breasts and just splitting them and freezing them. I read the article and am super excited to have more of a variety in getting the most out of the chicken.

For example: We paid $4.26 for 4.39 pounds of Split chicken breasts w/ ribs. (like what she talks about in the article). This will get us at least 2 meals, if not more. Since it is Foster Farms, there are no hormones, no added salt or preservatives and grown in California.

I am so encouraged to make a monthly schedule (I usually do weekly) as she has pictured, but here's what I plan to do with the chicken I am thawing. I will split it and probably will make homemade broth as she suggests! So much cheaper and better than store bought (again, as she states). Since each breast is so big, I will use half of it to make Chicken Marsala this week (my aunt is coming to town tomorrow!) and the other half for another meal this week, to be decided.

I have been cooking 2-3 chicken breasts in the crockpot to have shredded chicken on-hand for chicken quesadillas, chicken salad, chicken pot pie cassarole bake or anything else that would take shredded chicken. I have been tempted to freeze it, but it tends to get used before I get a chance to do so.

To sum it up, if I can do it, SO CAN YOU! I, once a chicken breast only snob lol, have been transformed into a frugal cook. =) Now if I could get the hang of beef cuts! Sigh. One lesson at a time.

Sunday, March 1

Feb. 2009 Drugstore Deals!


Total OOP: $2.99

Total savings: $104.50

Items Bought:
2 Glade Oil Refills
2 Glade Candle Refills
1 KY Yours & Mine
1 CVS Dry Skin Lotion
2 Colgate Toothpastes
2 Gillette Fusion Razor
8 CVS makeup remover pads
1 CVS Adult Asprin
1 CVS lens wipes
1 Dawn Hand Renewal Hand Soap
1 J&J Buddies Soap
2 Neutragena Face Soaps
1 Candy Bar for Daughter
2 TriScents plug ins
2 Child wipes
1 bag of Viva paper towels
1 Suave Kid's shampoo



Savings: Probably over 6 bucks!

3 Free Reynolds Wrappers

***As you can see...I didn't quite get into Wags this month! Lack of time!! Plus, CVS has the instant reward program. I do have last month's rebates on my giftcard ready to spend in March!

Saturday, February 28

CVS Trip 2/28

There were some things I wanted to get before next weeks ad came out!
Here's what I got for $1.47 OOP!

2 TriScents plug-ins ($5.49 ea - $4 Q's)
2 Child's Flushable Wipes ($1.49 ea)
1 Gilette Fusion Razor ($7.99-$4 Q)
1 Pack of Viva Paper towels ($7.99-$0.75 Q)
1 Suave Shampoo (Free from Q mailed to me)
Used $11.98 ecb's
Earned $10 ($4 triscents, $2 Viva, $4 Gillette)

**we needed the paper towels & I realized my Gillette Q
didn't get scanned! Oh well! I'm not complaining!**

Today's Trip Savings: $37.23
YTD Savings: $161.20

Tuesday, February 24

Albertsons ~ Thank you General Mills!

Finally got to do the General Mills Promo. I did 5 transactions.

I ended up with:

1 box of Cheerios
1 bag of Chex Mix
1 bottle of CoffeeMate
1 bag of Celery
4 boxes of Betty Crocker Warm Delights
8 boxes of Toaster Strudels
6 cans of Pillsbury Grands
2 cans of Cinn. Rolls
12 boxes of Gushers (fruit snacks)
12 cans of Progresso Soup
4 boxes of Brownie Mixes

$38.88 OOP! (ave of $0.75 per item)
TOTAL SAVINGS ~ $139.80 ~ 75%!!

I used each transaction to get the $10 off next purchase. So I still have $10 for next week! I plan on using the soups for easy lunches for me. I have been craving chocolate lately. Sigh. So this should be a good fix.

$5 Target Gift Card from Saving with Mamanordy

Head on over to Saving with Mamanordy (here) for a chance to win $5 Target gift card! Good luck!

Monday, February 23

Kmart Super Doubles! 2/23 Trip

Finally made it to the Kmart Super Doubles. They Double all coupons up to & including $2! Here is what I did:

$2.99 Men's Vaseline Lotion (hubby loves it!)
-2.99 $1.50 Q Doubled (FREE)

$4.29 Secret Flawless Deodorant
-4.00 $2 Q Doubled (last week's insert - $0.29 ea)
$4.29 Secret Flawless Deodorant
-4.00 $2 Q Doubled

$7.38 2 Double Packs of Oral B Toothbrushes
-7.38 $2 & $1.69 from double times 2 (FREE)

$11.16 Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Wipes
- 8.00 (4) $1 Q Doubled ($0.79 ea)

$5.98 Arm & Hammer Essential Cleaners
-2.99 BOGO on bottle (tried to use the $1 to go! - $1.50 ea)

$3.99 Cascade Rinse
-3.99 Free Cascade Rinse from Home Mailer

$1.99 Clorox Anywhere Spray
-1.50 $0.75 Q Doulbed ($0.49)

$2.99 Quaker Mini Delights (clearanced to $1.25 - didn't catch it!)
-2.00 $1.00 Q Doubled ($0.99) Was only going to get b/c free!

$2.20 Tax
$10.41 OOP!!!

$22.23 Q Total
$18.72 My total Savings
$40.95 TOTAL Savings w/ Q's!!!

80% SAVINGS! Thanks K-mart!!

Was so close to being able to use the $5/$50 Q! Should've planned that better! Also, didn't catch the Quaker Delights rang up $2.99, they were marked $1.25 clearance. They should've been free, but overall. I'm stoked about the cleaning products and the deodorant!

Sunday, February 22

Organically Hatched Giveaway from Thrifty & Chic Mom

Ok, this is super cute...a must to check out! Thrifty & Chic Mom is offering a giveaway of an adorable bamboo hooded robe. Check it out here!!! Enjoy & Good luck!

Thursday, February 19

$2 Gift Card from Subway for California Residents!

Hurry hurry hurry. Freebies 4 mom has this posted....go here...and sign up. Takes 10-12 weeks, but that's almost half off a $5 foot long!

20 Free Prints From Walgreens**dead deal**

I just an email....20 free prints tomorrow, Feb 20th ONLY!, if you use the code ONEDAY at checkout! This is great. I did the free 8x10 a couple of months ago. You order and just pick them up when you go to the store. =) Easy and it was free! Can't beat Free! Enjoy! Hope you got in on it!

Tuesday, February 17

CVS Money Makers! Trip 2/16

Transaction #1

$2.99 - Colgate Toothpaste (earn $2.99 ecbs)
-1.00 - Manuf. Q
$2.99 - Colgate Toothpaste (earn $2.99 ecbs)
-1.00 - Manuf. Q
$7.99 - Gillette Fusion Razor (earn $4 ecbs)
-4.00 - P&G Q from insert
$7.92 - 8 (25 ct) CVS makeup remover pads (earn $8 ecbs - hidden deal)
$1.99 - Chewable Adult Asprin (monthly deal- earn $1.99 ecbs)
$3.69 - CVS Pre-moisted Lens Clothes
-3.69 - Got Free from Coupon Machine
$2.39 - Dawn Hand Renewal Soap
-1.50 - From Mail today!
$1.19 - J&J Buddies Soap
-1.00 - Buddies Q
-5.00 - $5 off $30 (was hoping to use it with $2 off, $10 cvs products..but didn't get to! would of lowered my OOP!!!
-12.00 - ECBs from Before!!!
$0.81 tax
-1.90 on gift card
$0.87 OOP!! Earned $19.97 in ECBs
- Saved $32.99!!!

Transaction #2

I heard that the Neutrogena Facial Soap was working on the buy 2 products, get $10 ecbs! It did! I had a CVS Q for $2 off any Mens Neutrogena and they only had 2 left! Whew!!!

$2.99 - Neutrogena Face Soap
$2.99 - Neutrogena Face Soap
-2.00 - CVS Q Neutrogena
$0.67 - Candy Bar filler...they can't give me money for taking the stuff! ha ha!
-4.00 - ECBs from Fusion above
$0.65 OOP! Earned $10 in ECBs!!! Saved $6.22!

$1.52 OOP!
$39.21 SAVINGS!!!
Used $16 ecbs
Earned $29.97 ecbs (minus $4 in second transaction + $6 I didn't use = $31.97 ecbs on hand!)

Loadable Coupons **A MUST**

Don't forget to get over to (here) and (here) and proctor & gamble esaver (here) to get loadable Q's for your Ralphs and Vons cards! Here is an example of what I did yesterday. One box of Multigrain Cheerios on sale 3 for $5. I just picked up one, used a manufacture's coupon and the loadable coupon pulled...making it free plus overage!!!! So, get over there and load up on the coupons you think you might use!!!

$ 1.67 - 1 MultiGrain Cheerios
- 1.00 - Homemailer Q
- 0.75 - Cellfire Q
$0.08 overage - paid me to take it!!

I did have one problem last week with the cheerios pulling from shortcuts, but I just told them via their website and they loaded $0.80 on my card. So the next time I was in the store, it pulled that $0.80! I have not seen it pull twice though. I have them both loaded w/ the cheerios and only one has pulled each time. Still worth it!!!

In the Mail

Here is what I got in the mail today:

Free Travel Size Sample of Colgate Total

Coupon for a Free Bottle of Suave (up to $3)

Coupon for $1.50/1 Dawn Hand Renewal Soap (love it!)

Walgreen's Easy-saver Gift card (the lady took mine last time, I forgot to ask to keep it!)

Not too bad!!!

Monday, February 16

Ralphs Trip 2/15

Headed to Ralphs today for a couple of items while the deals were still on. Plus...totally scored in the Valentine's section, which is 50% off! Here is what I got:

$16.47 - 3 Disney Princess Dolls (Scored the ones we didn't have yet) org. 10.99 ea!!
$ 2.99 - 2 (12 count) Ralphs eggs BOGO
$ 3.89 - 2 Gallons of Milk 2/$3.98
$ 2.00 - Loaf of Bread
$ 1.67 - 1 MultiGrain Cheerios
- 1.00 - Homemailer Q
- 0.75 - Cellfire Q ($0.08 overage)
$ 1.34 - Zatarans Spanish Rice
$ 1.33 - Zatarans Spanish Rice
- 1.00 - $0.75/1 doubled Zatarans (making them $0.84 ea)
$4.00 - 4 Campbells Tomato Soup 10/$10
- 0.80 - $0.40/4 doubled Tom Soup
$7.00 - 4 Ragu Pasta Sauce
-1.00 - $0.75/2 doubled Ragu
-1.00 - $1.00/2 Ragu (making them $1.25 ea.)
$0.63 - Head of Broccoli
$1.21 - Zucchini Squash
$1.65 - White Onions (2)
$1.15 - Bananas (4)
$1.05 - Yellow Squash
$1.50 - Strawberries
$3.00 - lunchmeat
-1.00 - $1/1 deli lunchmeat
$1.00 - 1 Dial hand soap (found one more Q)
-0.70 - $0.35/1 dbled
$3.28 - 2 pink ribbon rubbermade 4 count containers
-1.00 - $1.00/2 rubbermade
$1.61 tax
$48.52 OOP

Saved $51.38
Total Grocery $32.05

Friday, February 13

Vons Trip 2/13

So, this is basically my 3rd time in the store. I love it. They also double Q's there, similar to Ralphs Q policy. I've always had a great experience. Here is what I found today!

$9.00 - 2 Arm & Hammer Detergent (tag said $5.99) 51 loads
-2.00 - Store in-ad Q (2 for $7 w/ $10 purchase)
-2.00 - 2 IPs from A&H Website (HERE)-Make sure to hit backpage, to print 2 times!
$0.54 tax
$5.54 for 2! (104 loads...ha!)

$5.95 - 2 (100 count) Lipton Tea Bags
-1.00 - $1.00/2 Q from a RP insert
$4.95 for 2!

$10.49 Total OOP
58% Overall Savings

Thursday, February 12

Word on the Street...BOGO @ Coffee Bean!

Coffee Bean is giving out a free caramel mocha bliss latte or ice blended drink when you buy one at regular price between the hours of 4pm-8pm on 2/14/09. I also read you must say..."I love Coffee Bean" to the barista! Whichever size you buy they will match it with a free one.

Thanks Janette for the heads up!!!

Wednesday, February 11

Ralphs Deals 2/11-2/17 (Work-In-Progress)

Here's what I see...

8 HOUR SALE (on Friday):

$0.99 Kelloggs Corn Flakes (limit 2)
$1.98 - 2 boxes
-1.50 - $1.50/2 Kelloggs (1/18 RP)
=$0.48 for both boxes!

$0.99 Motts Apple Juice

$1.99 - 1 Gallon of Ralph's Milk!

$3.97/lb Rib Eye Steak

$9.99 - Huggies Jumbo Pack
-1.50 Manufacture's Q
-1.50 Loadable
$6.99 Final Price (note: you can only use loadable Q's once, I believe!)

BOGO - Ralphs Dozen Eggs

Tuesday, February 10

Walmart Trip 2/10

As usual, my trip to Wal-mart was a chore! I love that you can get free stuff, but hate to wait in the long lines....and when you use the self check takes FOREVER! No joke! Well, I got jipped $1 of a coupon and 2 things rung up higher than I thought they were, but I didn't catch it. My fault! Here is what I got!!!

$10.00~ Kashi Soft Snack Bars @ $2.50 ea (roughly $0.38 a box-they are good!)
- 8.50 ~ Kashi Q's mailed to me

$ 5.82 ~ 6 Buddies Soaps @ $0.97 ea (overage!)
- 6.00 ~ IP's from

$ 3.88 ~ 4 Suave Lotions @ $0.97 ea.
- 3.00 ~ Suave Lotions Q (he missed $1 here! had 4 Q's)

$ 5.12 ~ Mazola EVOO (we needed it!)
- 1.00 ~ Mazola Q

$ 2.88 ~ Family Planning lol. Q was for another brand! OOPs!
- 2.00 ~ Manfu. Q

$3.62 ~ Degree Deodorant (Needed it...thought this was cheaper also!!!)

$4.74 ~ Clorox Bleach Tablets for Toilets (Needed it...thought this was cheaper too!!!) SIGH!

$5.00 ~ Dancing Leotard (SO CUTE! Not pictured though!)
- 2.35 ~ Money Left on Gift Card

$2.01 ~ tax
$20.22 OOP

For $41.06 in products!

Monday, February 9

Ralphs Deals (Last Day!) **Edit: My trip highlights

4 (50% more Bonus) Dial Hand Soaps (4 diff. transactions @ $0.18 each) = $0.72
1 Soft Scrub (Closeout price) - $0.50/1 doubled = $1.49
note: these totals are w/out tax

The Dial Soap was originally $2.49 each! Saved $9.24 with all 4 including doubled Qs! 92% savings
The Soft Soap was originally $4.99 each! Saved $3.50 w/ closeout & Q! 70% savings

NOTE: Take your cleaning Q's with you to Ralphs/Krogers...most of the cleaning supplies are on Closeout Clearance! Good luck!
Huggies "big pack" are $19.99 @ Ralphs
minus $1.50/1 from
minus $1.50/1 from
=$16.99 a big pack (I'm assuming its a box!)
The size 4 say they have 88 in out to $0.19 per diaper @ this price! Excellent!

2 for $3 Select General Mills Cereals
Multi-grain Cheerios
minus $0.50 (1/18 SS) that doubles to $1
minus $0.75 from or save tonight (possible overage!)
Buy one = FREE
Buy two, with two manuf Q and the shortcuts = $0.75!!
Use, $1.00/2 (1/18 SS) and loadable =$1.25 for 2!

Gala & Granny Smith Apples $0.88 per pound

$2.99 Oroweat Bread (this makes it cheaper than Costco!)
minus $1.00/1 from 1/18 SS
=$1.99 a loaf

$0.88 Dial Handsoap
minus $0.35/1 (01/04 SS) doubles to $0.70 (make sure it doubles! Mine didn't, I said something!)
=$0.18 per soap (GREAT PRICE!)

Menu Planning Monday

Spaghetti w/ Salad
Veggies & Fruit
Garlic Toast

Grilled Cheeseburgers
W/ HM Fries

Chicken Pot Pie
(pre-made on Monday,
w/ CP Ckn & Ready to Bake)


Grilled Chicken or Taco's

Dining Out

Will be on the Fly!

Sunday, February 8

$50 Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway from "There Once Was a Girl...and Then She Became a Mom

Super clearance alert on Old this wonderful chance to get $50 from There Once Was a Girl...and Then She Became a Mom. Be sure to check it out (HERE) and get your chance! Good Luck!

Saturday, February 7

Quick Albertson & CVS Run

Well, we really needed some chicken breasts for this I hit up Albertsons. Here is what I got.

$6.50 - 4 Huge Chicken Breasts (3.63 lbs)
$6.41 - 4 Huge Chicken Beasts (3.58 lbs) ~ we split them and freeze them in 2s.
$2.85 - Ground Hamburger (just reduced - 1.91 lbs $1.49/lb)
$2.64 - Ground Hamburger (just reduced - 1.77 lbs $1.49/lb)
$2.38 - Ground Hamburger (just reduced - 1.60 lbs $1.49/lb)

$1.00 Kids GUM double pack toothbrush
-1.00 $1/1 any Gum Q (FREE)
$1.00 Kids GUM double pack toothbrush
-1.00 $1/1 any Gum Q (FREE)
$1.00 Kids GUM double pack toothbrush
-1.00 $1/1 any Gum Q (FREE)

$4.24 Oil of Olay 6 pack soap on closeout for 50% off (wish I had a Q!!!)

$1.50 Honey Nut Cheerios (2 for $3)
$1.50 Honey Nut Cheerios (ended up $0.50 ea)
$1.50 Honey Nut Cheerios
-3.00 $3/3 any GM Cereals (THANKS WENDY!)

$1.35 1 Cantaloupe (which was excellent by the way!)

$0.56 tax

$28.43 OOP ( $20.78 was in meat alone!)

$31.59 Total Savings, 47%

$16.49 Bonus Buy Savings
$ 9.10 Preferred Savings
$ 6.00 Manfu. Q's

So after my Albies Deals I went next door to CVS! I was so tired and it was getting late. I had no brain power to do any math. I usually have a game plan, but this was on the fly. I'm just glad I had my Gift card from Oil of Olay to use! So I had no OOP!

$9.00 (3 glade oil refills/candles refills)
$3.79 (glade, weird, but they printed my ecbs later, was in old packaging w/ free warmer)
-3.00 BOGO glade
-2.00 2- $1/1 candle refills
$19.99 KY
- 5.00 Q
$1.49 CVS Dry Skin (had CRT that was for $1 off, she said she put it in, nope, it did not come off!)
-13.99 Ecbs
$1.57 tax
$11.85 total on gift card ( I should of broke up the transactions, but was just done shopping!)

Got $10.00, $5 & $1 ecbs for next trip.

$28.06 Savings This Trip
$93.93 Year to Date Savings!

Friday, February 6

Mail Call ~ $5 Gift Card

Yes, another gift card! Only $5, but every little bit helps. I was one of the 84,700 First Prize Winners! The 5 grand prize winners got $2,500. It was a Chevron Sweepstakes. So I have to use it towards gas, expires 6/30/09.

Wednesday, February 4

Albertsons Deals 2/4-2/10

Here are the deals I see!!!!

8 Hour Sale (1-9pm):

Kellogg's cereals 2 for $3 (the smaller boxes)
-Frosted Mini Wheats 16 oz
-Corn Flakes 12 oz
-Fruit Loops 8.7 oz
Yogo's or Fruit Snacks
Rice Krispies Treats

2 for $1 Sylvania Soft White Light Bulbs

$4.49 Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Sierra Mist 24 pack

$1.79/lb Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Weekly Sale

FREE Butler G.U.M toothbrushes (10 for $10)
~02/01 RP $1/1 toothbrush

$0.39/lb Cantaloupes

$0.99/lb Italian/Yellow Squash

2 for $4
Quaker Oatmeal Squares
~01/04 RP $0.50/1
=$1.5o each

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
~01/04 RP $1.00/2 aunt jemima mix/syrup
=2 for $3

2 for $5
Aunt Jemima Syrup
~01/04 RP $1.00/2 aunt jemima mix/syrup
=2 for $4

$19.99 Huggies "Big Pack"
(ad shows size 3 - 100 diapers, use $1.50 Q = $0.18/diaper size 3)
Price to beat on size 3 = $0.23/diaper
~01/11 SS $1.50/1 huggies diapers

10 for $10 deals:
-Wild Harvest Organic Beans (IP HERE)
-Hunts Tomatoes 14.5 oz
-Hunts Spaghetti Sauce 26-26.5 oz
**HUNTs IP (HERE) print 2 times $1.00/3
-Del Monte Tomatoes 14.5 oz
-Dole Mandarin Oranges
-Lipton or Knorrs "Sides"
~01/18 RP $1.00/3, = 3 for $2
-Pizza Rolls
~IP Here $0.55/1 (push page back to print 2) = $0.45 ea.

Sunday, February 1

100th Post ~ FREEBIES!

Well, I've made it to my 100th post!

Freebies @ Target or Walmart:

(note: you really to get an account with They have a coupon database you can search...I found these IP's there (amazing!!). Also...DON'T FORGET to always hit the "go back one page" button to print them out 2 times total~keep doing that until you print them as many times as you can...they usually only allow 2 times, but worth it!)

$2/2 HCW IP (type in Purell) ~ Purell Hand Sanitizer (most of the travel size are $0.99 ea)
Get 2 for FREE! (print it twice, get 4 for FREE!)

$2/2 HCW IP (type in Johnsons Buddies)~ Johnson's Buddies Products (@ walmart & target the Buddies Soap Bars are $0.97 ea)
Get 2 for FREE! (print it twice, get 4 for FREE!)

$1/2 HCW IP ~ Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (usually $0.47 ea)
Get 2 for FREE (print it twice, get 4 for FREE!)

$1.00/2 Kotex Pantiliners
Found in 1/11 SS combine w/ 1/04 SS for $2.00/1 (target Q)
Get 3 of the $0.97 ones (I think they are the 16 ct boxes) for FREE!
Target's coupon policy is that they except a manf. Q along with their Target Q's, but no overage. So you might have to have them adjust Q's down. Still free!

Coke, Pepsi, 7up Deal @ Vons

I meant to post this earlier...but if you are reading this on still have time. The in-ad Q has any 4 coke, pepsi, 7up 12 packs for $7.99! (plus CRV of course) If you do, you can use 4 - $1.00 off Q's to sweeten the deal. I only had 2, but still a great deal! Here is what I got today...note...I went for coca cola deal.

$10.66 - 4 diet cokes
-2.67 - Vons ad Q (to make them $7.99)
-2.00 - My coke
$2.40 - CRV
$1.59 - International delight creamer (holiday)
-1.00 - Peelie on creamer!
$2.49 - International delight creamer
-1.00 - Peelie on creamer! (SCORE!)
$1.99 - 3 pk ziplock containers on clearance
-1.00 - $0.55/1 ziplock container Q doubled!
$1.99 - 3 pk ziplock containers on clearance
-1.00 - $0.55/1 ziplock container Q doubled!
$1.04 tax
$13.49 OOP! seems as if Vons does double more than one like Q! They were the same Q for both. I thought I was only going to get $1.55 off...but ended up getting $2. Making them only $1 each!

$18.27 club savings
$ 6.00 coupon savings
$24.28 total savings! 66%

plus, I got a $1.50/2 International delight creamers Catalina.

Saturday, January 31

January Totals ~ Drugstores

Total OOP:
Total savings: $90.96

Items Bought:
3 Jumbo Packs Pampers Diapers
2 Dawn Dishsoaps
1 Schick Intuition Razor
1 Rimmel Foundation
1 Listerine Mouthwash
1 Cascade gel
2 Throat Coolers
1 Nose Spray
3 American Greeting Cards
2 Gillette Men's Shampoo
1 J&J Buddies Soap

Total OOP: $36.49

(I know...high, but all the Gillette was a great deal!)

Total Rebate Due for Next Month: $10.99

Items Bought:
4 Gillette Body Washes
4 Gillette Razor System Bonus Boxes
1 Children's Motrin
1 Bottle of Gatorade
2 Boxes of Splenda Packets (FREE)
2 Aluminum Foil (FREE)
1 Cleaning product
4 Garnier Hair Products (FREE)
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 Nivea Aftershave (for Hubby)
1 Pack of Bobby Pins on Clearance
1 Revlon Eye Pencil

Rite Aid:
Total OOP: $0.00

Used a rebate check from months ago!
Total Rebate Due for Next Month: $2.00

Items Bought:
2 Huggies Baby Bath Wash

Friday, January 30

I WON...on the Pampers Winter Match Game! is what I won per the email:

Congratulations!  You have been selected to receive a prize in the Winter Match Game,
administered by ePrize. You have been selected as the winner of a Shutterfly Silver
Photo package including 25-4x6 prints, 2-5x7 prints and 1-8x10 print!

(click here) The post for the Winter Match Game from

REMEMBER: You can play and not use any points. I won not using any points! You can also win more than once...just not the same prize! So keep on checking in daily...Promotion ends: Feb 27th 8:30 Et

Wednesday, January 28

Mail Call....Gift Card!

So, I'm so gift card from Oil of Olay is in...$15 dollars! It was from the deal I listed here (walgreens section).

I only paid a total of $5.50, but got $15 back.

Sunday, January 25

My Drugstore Deals 1/25


$1.79 Reynolds Wrap
-1.00 Reynolds Wrap MF Q
-0.90 In-ad Q (to make it $0.89 = $0.11 overage)
$9.99 Revlon Eye Pencil (free after rebate this month!)
-1.00 Revlon MF Q
-7.70 on gift card last from last month
$0.84 tax
$2.02 OOP

Will get $9.99 plus 10% = $10.99 on my rebate card for next month!

I totally scored a couple of days ago...I ran in to do the American Greeting card deal from last week. I had $3 ECB and paid that to get 3 free $0.99 cards and get back $3 ECB! No money OOP! When I scanned my card at the coupon machine...I got...(DRUMROLL) $5 off any $15 purchase! THE MOTHER LOAD! Had to use it today! =)

$4.99 Gillette Men's Shampoo
-2.00 Gillette Shampoo Q ~ 1/18 P&G
$4.99 Gillette Men's Shampoo
-2.00 Gillette Shampoo Q ~ 1/18 P&G
$4.99 Kids Throat Coolers (only had one = Jan Deal)
$1.19 J&J buddies soap (had a $1 off Q, forgot to hand it over! Bummer!)
-5.00 $5/$15
-5.00 ECB's
$0.48 tax
$2.64 OOP

Earn $4.99 for throat coolers & $6.00 for 2 Shampoos!

$10.99 ecbs earned
- 2.64 money out of pocket
- 5.00 ecb used
$3.35 Money Maker!

Now I have $13.99 to roll next time! Wahoo...Love'n this stuff!

Ralph's Super Mega Sale thru 1/27

Mix & Match Beef Roast Sale....BOGO

**Jennie-O Ground Turkey**
$1.99 for 20 oz! Great Price...STOCK UP!

The Super Mega Mix & Match....there are tons of Q's available to match up..
The only catch is...that you can only get one like Q doubled and the rest will be taken at face value!

Here is one of my recent transactions:
(note: prices before $5 off, taken at the end of receipt)

$6.00 - 4 boxes of kleenex
-1.00 - Kleenex Q Doubled $0.50/3
-0.80 - Kleenex lotion Q Doubled
$3.00 - Coffee Mate Creamer
-1.50 - IP $1.50/1
$1.50 - Franks Hot Sauce (FREE)
-1.00 - Franks Q Doubled
$1.50 - French's Yellow Mustard (FREE)
-1.00 - French's Q Doubled
$7.00 - 2 Country Crock Tubs of Butter (we were out!)
-1.00 - Country Crock $1 off 2 tubs
$6.00 - 3 steamers @ $2 ea. Steamers
-1.00 - 1 steamer Q Doubled
-1.00 - 2 $.50/1 that were face value
$2.59 - Milk (2 for $4.89! pretty good)
$2.30 - Milk (we needed milk too!)
$4.50 - 6 cans of Organic Pumpkin/Sweet pot/Squash - clearance @ $0.75 ea!
$9.95 - 5 Jennie-O Ground Turkey
$9.99 - Pullups
-2.00 - Huggies Pullups Q
-2.00 - Shortcut Q for Pullups
-5.00 - Mega Event
$1.17 tax
$38.20 OOP

Verified Total Savings = $58.94
Total MF/loadable Q savings = $12.30

Mega Sale Breakdown: (MS = Mega Sale taking $0.50 off ea. item per ea. 10 qualifying items)
$2.20 - 4 boxes of Kleenex ($6-$1.80 Qs -$2 MS)
$1.00 - 32 oz Creamer ($3.00- $1.50 Q - $0.50 MS)
FREE - French's Mustard ($1.50- $1.00 Q -$0.50 MS)
FREE - Frank's Hot Sauce ($1.50- $1.00 Q -$0.50 MS)
$2.50 - 3 Steamers ($6 - $2 Qs -$1.50 MS
$5.70 for 10 products = $0.57 ea.

I did notice that the Velvetta Cheese is also part of the Mega event...tag was $4.99! So with $1 off...I think I saw an IP for it...that's a great price. We make ton of HM mac-n-cheese with that! Love it!

Did you see anything else noteworthy?

Wednesday, January 21

Free Coffee Mate Creamer @ Target

This is for you Mel. J!

Coupon Cravings has the link (here) for Free Creamer @ Target!!


Tuesday, January 20

$2 off Self Magazine, Cheap Diapers & Pullups

I just noticed a Q for $1.00 this month's Self Magazine (FEB issue) on my coupon bar (bottom right) & if you go to, you can add another $1 off on your Ralph's card. I'm not sure how much the magazine is...but you can get $2 off @ Ralphs by combining the two!


Starting tomorrow @ Ralphs they have Pull-Ups & Huggies Diapers on Sale for $9.99. Add $1.50 off Huggies from above or $2 off Pull-ups.

$9.99 Pullups
-2.00 Use Q from 1/11 SS and
-2.00 Loadable Q from
$5.99 for a jumbo pack...pretty good!

$9.99 Huggies Diapers
-1.50 Use Q from 1/11 SS and
-1.50 Loadable from or
$6.99 for a jumbo pack...still pretty good!

I will try to post the deals from the Super Mega Event @ Ralph's this weekend. =) Getting some free stuff!! Gotta love that!

Monday, January 19

Free Rental @ Redbox Today Only

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom...(click here) and get the code to rent a Free Movie for tonight. I believe we have a Redbox @ Albertsons & Walmart in our area.

I have not tried any of the free codes due to just not having time to go out and try it...but I'm assuming it does work.


Thursday, January 15

Pampers "Winter Match Game" Sweeps!

I learned of this sweep from Freebies4mom(here). You can play up to 3 times a day. You DON'T have to use your points to play...scroll down further and there is an alternate method to play. It's in a smaller font and says click here. I have been playing almost every day...3 times!! Here are the eligible prizes from the website (here):

You could instantly win one of these great prizes:

  • 1-year supply of Pampers Diapers
  • 1-month supply of Pampers Diapers
  • Shutterfly Platinum Package:
    Contains 1-20 page 12x12 photo book (photo cover), 1-16x20 collage print, 50-5x7 photo cards, 100-4x6 prints, 4-5x7 prints, and 2-8x10 prints
  • Shutterfly Gold Package:
    Contains 1-20 page 12x12 photo book (photo cover) and 1-12 month photo calendar (collage)
  • Shutterfly Silver Package:
    Contains 25-4x6 prints, 2-5x7 prints and 1-8x10 print
  • Shutterfly Bronze Package:
    Contains 30-4x6 prints
  • Growing Memories Rewards!
You can easily join to become a's free & you can enter codes from the diapers/wipes/etc. to get points towards other rewards. GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, January 14

Today Only!!! Free Bottle of Suave!!!

I love the kid's Suave shampoo...Go here and register to get a free coupon in the mail to get a free bottle of Suave...Free Shampoo or Conditioner! Thank you Money Saving Mom!!!

Tuesday, January 13

HURRY HURRY, Last Day to do the Albertson's Diaper & Wipes Deal!!!

I went today and got 6 packs of Pampers Cruisers diapers (30 ea.) for $20.88...

The breakdown:
$20.88 / 180 = $0.116 per diaper!

I also got the Pampers wipes...

The breakdown:
$16.33 / estimated 1200 (6*200) = $0.014 (rounded)
It's crazy to think we are throwing away a penny a wipe! Time to cut down mommas! The less the better for the pocket and the environment. =)

Total Receipt Savings $90.38!!!

I only spent $37.21...which should've only spent $34, but the cashier didn't scan 3 of my $1 off coupons. I thought she did, but didn't when I looked at the receipt. Oh well! Still a huge deal.

I hope some of you got in the on the have today left if you didn't!

Monday, January 12

The Caregivers Marketplace for MOMS!

I just received my first $5 check in the mail today. I signed up for this about a month or so ago. There is no membership fee & they offer unlimited cash back. I originally found this program through another frugal mom's blog/website. I thought it was worth a try. I went (here) The Caregivers Marketplace , created an account and got an account number. I just followed the instructions per the "cash back request form", which was only 3 easy steps!

FOR MOMS: If you are currently a parent or caring for a child under the age of 5, you are eligible. So, you buy eligible products from the list. Mainly for us moms are Huggies, Pullups, GoodNites, Balmex. After you create an account...print out the online form and attach cooresponding receipts with at least 5 (at one time or more) of the purchased products they offer and send it to them. For all the Baby & Toddler Diapers, they offer $1 back for each jumbo pack of diapers/pullups.

I have been doing more pampers lately due to the deals, but plan on submitting more when I purchase more Huggies or Pull-ups.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help you out! Being a SAHM, every little bit helps!

Saturday, January 10

Great Diaper Deal @ Albertsons until Tues!

If you buy 3 Packs of Pampers (Either Cruisers, Dry Fit or Swaddlers) for $10.00 ea. = $30.00 (minus 3 Qs, of course if you have them) Pay that plus tax....GET... 3 $5 Catalina Q =$15 towards your next purchase and GET an overlapping deal of $5 off a baby purchase.


Turn around and do the deal again using the $20 of Catalina's towards the $30 (plus Qs if you have them) only pay $10 plus tax (w/out Q's)...GET 3 more $5 Cats for your next purchase and another $5 off for a baby purchase.

You can keep rolling these into the next deal and repeat, repeat, repeat. I have already done it 2 times and I still have $15 + $5 for another time to do the deal.

So...enjoy the cheap diapers, sale ends Tuesday night/Wednesday! Thanks Holly for the heads up!

Friday, January 9

Vons Deals Today

I went to Vons this afternoon to take advantage of the juice deal & ground turkey deal...Here is what I got...

$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
-5.00 (buy 5 juices, get $5 off!)
-1.00 ($0.75 Q doubled to $1 ~ Only one like Q doubled)
-3.00 (4 - $0.75 Q's Juicy Juice)

$19.90 10 -( 20 oz) Jenny-O Ground Turkey w/ in-ad Q $1.99 ea

$6.41 Chuck Blade Roast on sale (reg. 13.99)

$0.99 Yellow Mustard

$0.99 Cucumber

$2.01 4 Roma Tomatos

$33.80 TOTAL OOP!

Receipt says...$61.40 Total Savings ~ 64%!

I might have to go back to do the juice deal again! I got 5 Juices for $3.50!! That's even lower than the regular price $4.39 for Juicy Juice. =) Love it!


Tuesday, January 6

My Walgreens Trip Today

I got some freebies today! I think I might make another trip sometime before the sales are over to get more free stuff!! Here is what I got for $2.54!

$4.79 Splenda 100 packets
$4.79 Splenda 100 packets
-3.60 Walgreens in-ad Q to make $2.99 ea.
-3.00 IP Q off 1 splenda product FREE!
-3.00 IP Q off 1 splenda product FREE!
$1.79 Reynolds wrap 20 ft
-0.80 Walgreens in-ad Q to make $0.99 ea.
-1.00 Manuf. Q for Reynolds wrap FREE!
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
-8.00 Wags EasySaver Cat Q to make them $0.99
-4.00 Manuf. Q off Garnier product!! FREE!
$1.29 7th Generation Cleaning product marked way down!
$0.20 2 cookie cutters and 2 pencils for Daughter
$1.12 tax
$2.54 OOP!

$33.88 In Total Savings!

Picture to come!

I have been wanting to try the 7th Generation cleaners, but they are usually like 5 bucks! So glad I found this!!

Monday, January 5

Free @ Walgreens This Week!

Here are some things that are free @ Walgreens this week!

Splenda ~ In-ad Q for $2.99
$3.00/1 IP any Splenda Q found here @ Cheapsk8mom
(hit the back button to get it 2 times...limit from Wags is 3 w/ Q)

And from Coupon Cravings....the 2 listed below...

Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler: $2.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 1/4, 11/9 or 10/5 Red Plum insert
Use $2/1 January EasySaver booklet coupon
Final Price = FREE

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil: $.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 11/16 Smart Source insert
Final Price = FREE

****I saw a commercial and it said "Gotta love FREE" and I DO!!! I'll be getting these this week! ****