Wednesday, February 11

Ralphs Deals 2/11-2/17 (Work-In-Progress)

Here's what I see...

8 HOUR SALE (on Friday):

$0.99 Kelloggs Corn Flakes (limit 2)
$1.98 - 2 boxes
-1.50 - $1.50/2 Kelloggs (1/18 RP)
=$0.48 for both boxes!

$0.99 Motts Apple Juice

$1.99 - 1 Gallon of Ralph's Milk!

$3.97/lb Rib Eye Steak

$9.99 - Huggies Jumbo Pack
-1.50 Manufacture's Q
-1.50 Loadable
$6.99 Final Price (note: you can only use loadable Q's once, I believe!)

BOGO - Ralphs Dozen Eggs

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RitzFamily said...

Hey Crissy...Just wanted to share that Coffee Bean is giving out a free caramel mocha bliss latte or ice blended drink when you buy one at regular price between the hours of 4pm-8pm on 2/14/09. Whichever size you buy they will match it with a free one.