Tuesday, February 17

Loadable Coupons **A MUST**

Don't forget to get over to shortcuts.com (here) and cellfire.com (here) and proctor & gamble esaver (here) to get loadable Q's for your Ralphs and Vons cards! Here is an example of what I did yesterday. One box of Multigrain Cheerios on sale 3 for $5. I just picked up one, used a manufacture's coupon and the loadable coupon pulled...making it free plus overage!!!! So, get over there and load up on the coupons you think you might use!!!

$ 1.67 - 1 MultiGrain Cheerios
- 1.00 - Homemailer Q
- 0.75 - Cellfire Q
$0.08 overage - paid me to take it!!

I did have one problem last week with the cheerios pulling from shortcuts, but I just told them via their website and they loaded $0.80 on my card. So the next time I was in the store, it pulled that $0.80! I have not seen it pull twice though. I have them both loaded w/ the cheerios and only one has pulled each time. Still worth it!!!

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