Thursday, April 30

Kmart Super Doubler up to $0.75! Maybe $2!!!!

NOTE: This might be a MisPrint...Reports are that corporate is saying it should have been $2. I might try calling to confirm tomorrow!

Next week, from May 3rd to May 9th, Kmart is doubling up to $0.75. So that will make anything that might be $1.50 free. I will keep a look out to see if anyone finds some good deals worth going. Kinda bummed it's only $0.75, usually it's $2. Maybe we will see it again in a couple of weeks.

I'll try to get a list of Freebies going if ours will only honor $0.75 coupons...

Usually free w/ a $0.75 Q

Kotex liners ~ They are usually $1.29 ea ($0.75/1, 4/5 SS)

$1 off Kellogg's Coupons!

These are great coupons! Make sure you get yours....Being Frugal is Fabulous has the links (here).

And, make sure you print them out the back page to get another round. You can only do them twice.

AND....You can print out another set my coupon bar>>>>>> right over there! =) Make sure you backpage to get them twice.

Might want to hold them for when a cereal deal comes...I'll keep you posted if I find one.

Monday, April 27

Vons Trip today...Living Well Promo

Well, I had a $10 catalina to roll so I did an impromptu trip before I went golfing with the hubby! Here's what I ended up doing. (Living Well Promo ~ You have to buy $30 of marked items...with white tags...and you will get $10 off you next purchase. Our Vons says you can only use one per day/transaction a day, but you can roll it from day to day. I have done the deal like 5 times now)

$5.00 - 2 bertolli sauces ($2.50 ea)
- 1.50 - $1.50/2 Q

$13.93 - 7 Capri sun Sunrises
- 7.00 - 7 $1/1 Capri sun sunrises

$1.99 - Zatarians

$3.00 - No Yoke Noodles
-1.00 - $1/2 Q

$3.99 - Finish Dishwasher Tabs
-2.50 - $2.50/1 Q

$2.99 - Right Guard Extreme
-1.00 - $1.00/1 Q

$30.90 Subtotal (14 items)
$ 0.27 Tax
-13.00 In Coupons
-10.00 Catalina from prev. purchase
$8.17 OOP

Plus I got another $10 off for next time!

82% savings ~ $35.57!!

Saturday, April 25

CVS Today (18 cents)

We made a pit stop...I didn't have a plan (as I usually do) I just winged it. Here is what I did.

$2.88 Crest Pro Health
-1.00 Crest (I think from All You)
$2.89 Edge Shaving Gel
$0.99 CVS shopping bag
-0.99 Free Bag (rain check)
$0.33 candy filler last minute
-4.99 ecbs
$0.07 tax
$0.18 OOP got back $2 & $2.89, so lost 11 cents but a nice little trip!

Tuesday, April 21

You might want to Stop by Walgreens on Wednesday...

The word from "FREEBIES 4 MOM" is that Wags is giving out a reusable bag with any purchase and including a 15% off coupon....Looks like I will have to make a pit stop.

Monday, April 20

One Last Kmart Trip for me ... PLUS an added Bonus!

I had to go back...I LOVE the Renuzit sprays!!! PLUS: my receipt from tonight said the following...

You can now save even more money at Kmart.
Kmart now accepts online manufacturer coupons!!!!

note: we already knew that =)

Here's what I got tonight:

4 Renuzit sprays (Free)
4 Huggies wipes (Free)
3 Ousts (Free)
3 Soft Soap Scrubbing Pads (Free)
4 Boxes of Rice Crispies ($4 for all 4 ~ only had 3 - $1 Q's)
1 Vaseline Lotion ($0.50)
2 (50 count) ziploc bags ($1 ea)

$3.16 OOP

PLUS: I am eligible for a $5 Kmart gift card from the 4 boxes of Rice Crispies...making money...I love it!

Correction: Angel Soft TP for FREE!

Saw on The Thrifty Mama (kroger store), but Ralphs should be the same...Angel Soft TP on sale for $0.99. The coupon yesterday's inserts for $0.50 would double to make it free!!! Enjoy some Free TP!

I got 9 today. I had to do separate transactions to get them to double...but the clerk, Hector, was wonderful and didn't mind. NOTE: I went to the self checkout lane.

9 - 4pk AngelSoft TP
2 Skippy PB
4 Quaker Snacks (sale for $0.99, use $1/1 to get them for FREE)

$3.32 OOP!

Verified Total Savings of $31.69!!!

Thursday, April 16

Kmart Super Doubles! *updated w/ my trip!*

It's confirmed...Super Doubles @ Kmart this week in our area.

Here is what I did....
#1 Trip In.

1 Vaseline for Men ($2.50-$1.25 doubled = FREE)
4 Kotex liners (1.29 ea. - $0.75 doubled = FREE)
1 Degree Deodorant ($2.50-$1 doubled = $0.50)
1 Diego Bandaid ($2.19-$1 doubled = $0.19)
1 Bandaid Kit ($0.99-$1 *i think i actually got a penny over! = FREE)
4 Soft Scrub Scrubbers ($2.50 ea - $1.50 doubled = FREE)
2 Ziploc container pack ($2.50 ea - $1 doubled (PEELIE ON PACKAGE) = $.50 ea)
4 Huggies wipes ($1.99 ea - $1 doubled = FREE)
4 Bottles of Shout ($2.61 ea - $1 doubled = $0.61 ea)
2 Ziploc Sandwich bags ($4.00 - $1/2 doubled = $1 ea)
-5.00 ($5 off $50 purchase)
$1.12 Subtotal
+2.22 tax
$3.34 OOP

My Total Savings: $28.79
My coupons redeemed: $24.25
$49.62 total Q's doubled and includes $5 Q!

Trip #2
4 Ziploc containers ($2.50 ea -$1 peelie doubled = $0.50 ea)
4 Renuzit Sprays ($1.79 - $1 doubled = FREE)
4 Triscents ($4.49 ea - $4 = $0.49 ea)
4 Pedialytes ($5.49 ea - $2 doubled = $1.49 ea - heard a rumor about a catalina, didn't work!)
-5.00 $5 off $50
$9.71 Subtotal
$2.16 tax
$6.87 OOP minus $1 for the 2 triscents for a friend = $5.87!!!

My total savings: $34.53
Coupons Redeemed: $32.00
$57.08 in products - $52.37 in doubled Q's and $5!

$9.21 OOP!
40 items & $4.38 was tax!
$101.99 total Q's (adding the doubles!)

This was a great trip!

Wednesday, April 15

Scanning the Von's Ad for this week * work in progress*

I didn't get our normal ads from the grocery stores this week...I'm checking them out online. Here are some deals worth noting.

Free Re-usable Bag w/ $50 purchase
w/ in-ad Q (while supplies last)

Rice or Pasta Roni $0.89 ea. (limit 6)
The Scenario:
Q = $1/4 (3/8 RP) OR $1/3 (IP HERE)
RP Q $0.89 (4) = $3.56 - $1 Q = $2.56 for 4
IP Q's $0.89 (6) = $5.34 - 2 ($1/3) = $3.34 for 6

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent
55 to 80-oz. 2x Liquid. Selected varieties.
$3.29 ea.

AND... Vons is doing a Living Well $30 worth of participating products, get a $10 catalina off your next purchase...they are Rollable! Stay tuned...I have been scanning the message boards for examples. I found an attachment of the participating items...but it's just a general product description (however, there are food items and cleaning items, etc!). So I will make sure to get back on here with any deals I find!

I think Arm & Hammer is on the list...Here's what I'm thinking I might do:
Buy 10 Arm & Hammer Detergent = 32.90
(I wish I had Q's!)
Get $10 back to roll on the next...or the better idea would be find the participating products (marked in the store) w/ which I have matching Q's to make the initial OOP lower and roll that into the detergent. =) Going to be a fun time @ Vons this week!

Tuesday, April 14

6 cents OOP @ CVS!

I didn't get a picture...but it was a great run. Lost a buck in ecb's but I'll get it back next time on the mento's deal. Here's the breakdown:

$1.25 Hershey's Bliss eggs *easter clearance*
-1.00 Any Hershey's bliss from CVS beauty insert

$0.75 Hershey kisses...easter...clearance/filler

$0.13 Filler (easter note egg thingy)

$3.99 Colgate Toothpaste (Free after ECb's)
-0.75 Any Colgate toothpaste

$4.99 Softsoap body wash (Free after Ecb's)
-1.00 Any Softsoap

$1.69 Mento's gum (didn't get to use coupon)

$0.01 tax
-10.00 ecb's from before

= $0.06 OOP! Got back $4.99 and $3.99! Not much to choose from this week...but the coupon machine gave me a $2/$10 cosmetic Q. So I will look to next week and see what I can find! =)

Monday, April 13

The Skinny on Catalina Coupons

This is an example of a catalina coupon. It prints out from a separate machine, usually located next to the register. You usually get them with your receipt at Albertsons, Ralphs or Vons...mainly grocery stores. We love them at Albies...they usually are $5 off your next order, or $10 off your next order! =) You can roll with the Post Deal below!

At the same time, you can receive catalina coupons at Walgreens...they are referred to as "Register Rewards". Example: This week, Walgreens has Colgate Maxwhite Toothbrush $3.29, but when you buy it you will receive a coupon like the one to the left for $3.29 off your next purchase (it will have Walgreens name on it and also has an expiration date...don't's free money!). It usually spits out after the transaction ends. The only problem w/ Walgreens' Register Rewards (RR) program is that you cannot roll them. You cannot buy a toothbrush for $3.29 and get $3.29 in RR and try to use it to do the same transaction and roll it. You will end up w/ another toothbrush but it will not give you a $3.29 off your next purchase. What you want to do is use it towards another RR product in a different manufacturer family. Also, when you find the Free after want to find a coupon to make money off of it. For example, say I have a $1 off any Colgate toothbrush. I use it, pay $2.29 for it and get back $3.29. So I just made a dollar...also called a Money Maker! I hope this helps.

Saturday, April 11

No Coupons this Sunday!

Just a reminder...there are no inserts this Sunday. It's Easter! I still have so much to clip from last week!

And...I think I read somewhere that Kmart might start doing "Super Doubles" monthly...toward the end of the month. =) We shall see...I'll keep a look out.

Monday, April 6

Huggies $0.75 Wipes Printable

Just noticed there is a Huggies wipes coupon for $0.75 on my right side bar! CVS is doing a Huggies deal this $25 worth of Huggies/Similac/etc get $10 ECBs back. NOTE: The wipes are the mega pack...which is essentially the refills. That's a decent price considering $2.50 is usually a sale price for the individual bucket. =)

Sunday, April 5

Cheap Post Cereal @ Albertsons

Thanks to Holly for pointing this out and Erin @ I am frugal for the details!!! Thanks ladies!!! I also heard there are many more varieties that were not listed at the same price (all Post of course). **Below is all from Erin's blog!**

There is a large variety of Post cereals on sale this week at most Albertsons stores for $1.57 a box when you buy 2 boxes. There is also a great Catalina deal going on where if you buy 5 boxes of Post cereal you will receive a coupon for $5 off your next shopping order. PLUS, there are a few great coupons for $1/2 in the 3/1 and 3/29 SmartSource inserts. Combine all these things together and you have a GREAT deal on some yummy cereals.

Here is how it works:

Buy 5 boxes of Post Cereal (make sure you are getting the ones that are included in the deal)
Use 2 $1/2 coupons from the 3/1 or 3/29 SmartSource inserts
Spend $6.35 plus tax out of pocket
Get a $5 catalina off your next shopping order
Final Price: $.17 each after coupons and catalina!!

And, the best part about this deal is that you can keep rolling your catalina. So, buy 5 boxes of cereal and pay $6.35 out of pocket the first time and then you can keep going back and getting more boxes and pay for them with your catalinas!

Even if you don't have any of the $1/2 coupons this would still be a GREAT deal. Your cereal would come out to about $.65 per box!!!

To see more of Albertson's Deals for the week make sure to check out their deals HERE!

Friday, April 3

March's Drugstore Savings!

$48.19 Total OOP
$168.51 Total Savings!!

I know the OOP is higher this month...but considering I got 2 Similac Box Powders, 1 pack pull-ups and 2 jumbo packs of diapers...this is great! I would've been way over $50 getting the above at a regular store!

CVS Total OOP ~ $10.98
Total savings: $88.21

Items Bought:
1 Similac Huge Powder
1 Jumbo pack Pullups
2 Palmolive dish soaps
1 Crest toothpaste
1 Travel size playschool wipes
4 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes
2 Veet Products
1 Srubbing bubbles action kit
1 Glade Lasting impressions
1 Note book ($0.25 clearance)
1 Shopping list ($0.25 clearance)
2 J&J Buddies Soaps
2 Soft Soap Refills
1 Egg Coloring kit

Walgreens Total OOP ~ $37.21
Total savings: $80.30

Items Bought:
2 Jumbo Huggies diapers
2 Kotex liners (bigger box)
2 Mini Easter sticker books
2 Foogo Sippy Cups
2 Gillette Fusion Razor
1 Degree Deodorant
1 Easter Stickerbook
1 Similac Huge Powder
1 Colgate Toothpaste