Monday, April 13

The Skinny on Catalina Coupons

This is an example of a catalina coupon. It prints out from a separate machine, usually located next to the register. You usually get them with your receipt at Albertsons, Ralphs or Vons...mainly grocery stores. We love them at Albies...they usually are $5 off your next order, or $10 off your next order! =) You can roll with the Post Deal below!

At the same time, you can receive catalina coupons at Walgreens...they are referred to as "Register Rewards". Example: This week, Walgreens has Colgate Maxwhite Toothbrush $3.29, but when you buy it you will receive a coupon like the one to the left for $3.29 off your next purchase (it will have Walgreens name on it and also has an expiration date...don't's free money!). It usually spits out after the transaction ends. The only problem w/ Walgreens' Register Rewards (RR) program is that you cannot roll them. You cannot buy a toothbrush for $3.29 and get $3.29 in RR and try to use it to do the same transaction and roll it. You will end up w/ another toothbrush but it will not give you a $3.29 off your next purchase. What you want to do is use it towards another RR product in a different manufacturer family. Also, when you find the Free after want to find a coupon to make money off of it. For example, say I have a $1 off any Colgate toothbrush. I use it, pay $2.29 for it and get back $3.29. So I just made a dollar...also called a Money Maker! I hope this helps.

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