Monday, April 20

One Last Kmart Trip for me ... PLUS an added Bonus!

I had to go back...I LOVE the Renuzit sprays!!! PLUS: my receipt from tonight said the following...

You can now save even more money at Kmart.
Kmart now accepts online manufacturer coupons!!!!

note: we already knew that =)

Here's what I got tonight:

4 Renuzit sprays (Free)
4 Huggies wipes (Free)
3 Ousts (Free)
3 Soft Soap Scrubbing Pads (Free)
4 Boxes of Rice Crispies ($4 for all 4 ~ only had 3 - $1 Q's)
1 Vaseline Lotion ($0.50)
2 (50 count) ziploc bags ($1 ea)

$3.16 OOP

PLUS: I am eligible for a $5 Kmart gift card from the 4 boxes of Rice Crispies...making money...I love it!


Summer said...

Lucky you! I wish our Kmart was doing the doubles this time around.

Holly said...

WOW! Nice Crissy!!