Saturday, January 31

January Totals ~ Drugstores

Total OOP:
Total savings: $90.96

Items Bought:
3 Jumbo Packs Pampers Diapers
2 Dawn Dishsoaps
1 Schick Intuition Razor
1 Rimmel Foundation
1 Listerine Mouthwash
1 Cascade gel
2 Throat Coolers
1 Nose Spray
3 American Greeting Cards
2 Gillette Men's Shampoo
1 J&J Buddies Soap

Total OOP: $36.49

(I know...high, but all the Gillette was a great deal!)

Total Rebate Due for Next Month: $10.99

Items Bought:
4 Gillette Body Washes
4 Gillette Razor System Bonus Boxes
1 Children's Motrin
1 Bottle of Gatorade
2 Boxes of Splenda Packets (FREE)
2 Aluminum Foil (FREE)
1 Cleaning product
4 Garnier Hair Products (FREE)
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 Nivea Aftershave (for Hubby)
1 Pack of Bobby Pins on Clearance
1 Revlon Eye Pencil

Rite Aid:
Total OOP: $0.00

Used a rebate check from months ago!
Total Rebate Due for Next Month: $2.00

Items Bought:
2 Huggies Baby Bath Wash

Friday, January 30

I WON...on the Pampers Winter Match Game! is what I won per the email:

Congratulations!  You have been selected to receive a prize in the Winter Match Game,
administered by ePrize. You have been selected as the winner of a Shutterfly Silver
Photo package including 25-4x6 prints, 2-5x7 prints and 1-8x10 print!

(click here) The post for the Winter Match Game from

REMEMBER: You can play and not use any points. I won not using any points! You can also win more than once...just not the same prize! So keep on checking in daily...Promotion ends: Feb 27th 8:30 Et

Wednesday, January 28

Mail Call....Gift Card!

So, I'm so gift card from Oil of Olay is in...$15 dollars! It was from the deal I listed here (walgreens section).

I only paid a total of $5.50, but got $15 back.

Sunday, January 25

My Drugstore Deals 1/25


$1.79 Reynolds Wrap
-1.00 Reynolds Wrap MF Q
-0.90 In-ad Q (to make it $0.89 = $0.11 overage)
$9.99 Revlon Eye Pencil (free after rebate this month!)
-1.00 Revlon MF Q
-7.70 on gift card last from last month
$0.84 tax
$2.02 OOP

Will get $9.99 plus 10% = $10.99 on my rebate card for next month!

I totally scored a couple of days ago...I ran in to do the American Greeting card deal from last week. I had $3 ECB and paid that to get 3 free $0.99 cards and get back $3 ECB! No money OOP! When I scanned my card at the coupon machine...I got...(DRUMROLL) $5 off any $15 purchase! THE MOTHER LOAD! Had to use it today! =)

$4.99 Gillette Men's Shampoo
-2.00 Gillette Shampoo Q ~ 1/18 P&G
$4.99 Gillette Men's Shampoo
-2.00 Gillette Shampoo Q ~ 1/18 P&G
$4.99 Kids Throat Coolers (only had one = Jan Deal)
$1.19 J&J buddies soap (had a $1 off Q, forgot to hand it over! Bummer!)
-5.00 $5/$15
-5.00 ECB's
$0.48 tax
$2.64 OOP

Earn $4.99 for throat coolers & $6.00 for 2 Shampoos!

$10.99 ecbs earned
- 2.64 money out of pocket
- 5.00 ecb used
$3.35 Money Maker!

Now I have $13.99 to roll next time! Wahoo...Love'n this stuff!

Ralph's Super Mega Sale thru 1/27

Mix & Match Beef Roast Sale....BOGO

**Jennie-O Ground Turkey**
$1.99 for 20 oz! Great Price...STOCK UP!

The Super Mega Mix & Match....there are tons of Q's available to match up..
The only catch is...that you can only get one like Q doubled and the rest will be taken at face value!

Here is one of my recent transactions:
(note: prices before $5 off, taken at the end of receipt)

$6.00 - 4 boxes of kleenex
-1.00 - Kleenex Q Doubled $0.50/3
-0.80 - Kleenex lotion Q Doubled
$3.00 - Coffee Mate Creamer
-1.50 - IP $1.50/1
$1.50 - Franks Hot Sauce (FREE)
-1.00 - Franks Q Doubled
$1.50 - French's Yellow Mustard (FREE)
-1.00 - French's Q Doubled
$7.00 - 2 Country Crock Tubs of Butter (we were out!)
-1.00 - Country Crock $1 off 2 tubs
$6.00 - 3 steamers @ $2 ea. Steamers
-1.00 - 1 steamer Q Doubled
-1.00 - 2 $.50/1 that were face value
$2.59 - Milk (2 for $4.89! pretty good)
$2.30 - Milk (we needed milk too!)
$4.50 - 6 cans of Organic Pumpkin/Sweet pot/Squash - clearance @ $0.75 ea!
$9.95 - 5 Jennie-O Ground Turkey
$9.99 - Pullups
-2.00 - Huggies Pullups Q
-2.00 - Shortcut Q for Pullups
-5.00 - Mega Event
$1.17 tax
$38.20 OOP

Verified Total Savings = $58.94
Total MF/loadable Q savings = $12.30

Mega Sale Breakdown: (MS = Mega Sale taking $0.50 off ea. item per ea. 10 qualifying items)
$2.20 - 4 boxes of Kleenex ($6-$1.80 Qs -$2 MS)
$1.00 - 32 oz Creamer ($3.00- $1.50 Q - $0.50 MS)
FREE - French's Mustard ($1.50- $1.00 Q -$0.50 MS)
FREE - Frank's Hot Sauce ($1.50- $1.00 Q -$0.50 MS)
$2.50 - 3 Steamers ($6 - $2 Qs -$1.50 MS
$5.70 for 10 products = $0.57 ea.

I did notice that the Velvetta Cheese is also part of the Mega event...tag was $4.99! So with $1 off...I think I saw an IP for it...that's a great price. We make ton of HM mac-n-cheese with that! Love it!

Did you see anything else noteworthy?

Wednesday, January 21

Free Coffee Mate Creamer @ Target

This is for you Mel. J!

Coupon Cravings has the link (here) for Free Creamer @ Target!!


Tuesday, January 20

$2 off Self Magazine, Cheap Diapers & Pullups

I just noticed a Q for $1.00 this month's Self Magazine (FEB issue) on my coupon bar (bottom right) & if you go to, you can add another $1 off on your Ralph's card. I'm not sure how much the magazine is...but you can get $2 off @ Ralphs by combining the two!


Starting tomorrow @ Ralphs they have Pull-Ups & Huggies Diapers on Sale for $9.99. Add $1.50 off Huggies from above or $2 off Pull-ups.

$9.99 Pullups
-2.00 Use Q from 1/11 SS and
-2.00 Loadable Q from
$5.99 for a jumbo pack...pretty good!

$9.99 Huggies Diapers
-1.50 Use Q from 1/11 SS and
-1.50 Loadable from or
$6.99 for a jumbo pack...still pretty good!

I will try to post the deals from the Super Mega Event @ Ralph's this weekend. =) Getting some free stuff!! Gotta love that!

Monday, January 19

Free Rental @ Redbox Today Only

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom...(click here) and get the code to rent a Free Movie for tonight. I believe we have a Redbox @ Albertsons & Walmart in our area.

I have not tried any of the free codes due to just not having time to go out and try it...but I'm assuming it does work.


Thursday, January 15

Pampers "Winter Match Game" Sweeps!

I learned of this sweep from Freebies4mom(here). You can play up to 3 times a day. You DON'T have to use your points to play...scroll down further and there is an alternate method to play. It's in a smaller font and says click here. I have been playing almost every day...3 times!! Here are the eligible prizes from the website (here):

You could instantly win one of these great prizes:

  • 1-year supply of Pampers Diapers
  • 1-month supply of Pampers Diapers
  • Shutterfly Platinum Package:
    Contains 1-20 page 12x12 photo book (photo cover), 1-16x20 collage print, 50-5x7 photo cards, 100-4x6 prints, 4-5x7 prints, and 2-8x10 prints
  • Shutterfly Gold Package:
    Contains 1-20 page 12x12 photo book (photo cover) and 1-12 month photo calendar (collage)
  • Shutterfly Silver Package:
    Contains 25-4x6 prints, 2-5x7 prints and 1-8x10 print
  • Shutterfly Bronze Package:
    Contains 30-4x6 prints
  • Growing Memories Rewards!
You can easily join to become a's free & you can enter codes from the diapers/wipes/etc. to get points towards other rewards. GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, January 14

Today Only!!! Free Bottle of Suave!!!

I love the kid's Suave shampoo...Go here and register to get a free coupon in the mail to get a free bottle of Suave...Free Shampoo or Conditioner! Thank you Money Saving Mom!!!

Tuesday, January 13

HURRY HURRY, Last Day to do the Albertson's Diaper & Wipes Deal!!!

I went today and got 6 packs of Pampers Cruisers diapers (30 ea.) for $20.88...

The breakdown:
$20.88 / 180 = $0.116 per diaper!

I also got the Pampers wipes...

The breakdown:
$16.33 / estimated 1200 (6*200) = $0.014 (rounded)
It's crazy to think we are throwing away a penny a wipe! Time to cut down mommas! The less the better for the pocket and the environment. =)

Total Receipt Savings $90.38!!!

I only spent $37.21...which should've only spent $34, but the cashier didn't scan 3 of my $1 off coupons. I thought she did, but didn't when I looked at the receipt. Oh well! Still a huge deal.

I hope some of you got in the on the have today left if you didn't!

Monday, January 12

The Caregivers Marketplace for MOMS!

I just received my first $5 check in the mail today. I signed up for this about a month or so ago. There is no membership fee & they offer unlimited cash back. I originally found this program through another frugal mom's blog/website. I thought it was worth a try. I went (here) The Caregivers Marketplace , created an account and got an account number. I just followed the instructions per the "cash back request form", which was only 3 easy steps!

FOR MOMS: If you are currently a parent or caring for a child under the age of 5, you are eligible. So, you buy eligible products from the list. Mainly for us moms are Huggies, Pullups, GoodNites, Balmex. After you create an account...print out the online form and attach cooresponding receipts with at least 5 (at one time or more) of the purchased products they offer and send it to them. For all the Baby & Toddler Diapers, they offer $1 back for each jumbo pack of diapers/pullups.

I have been doing more pampers lately due to the deals, but plan on submitting more when I purchase more Huggies or Pull-ups.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help you out! Being a SAHM, every little bit helps!

Saturday, January 10

Great Diaper Deal @ Albertsons until Tues!

If you buy 3 Packs of Pampers (Either Cruisers, Dry Fit or Swaddlers) for $10.00 ea. = $30.00 (minus 3 Qs, of course if you have them) Pay that plus tax....GET... 3 $5 Catalina Q =$15 towards your next purchase and GET an overlapping deal of $5 off a baby purchase.


Turn around and do the deal again using the $20 of Catalina's towards the $30 (plus Qs if you have them) only pay $10 plus tax (w/out Q's)...GET 3 more $5 Cats for your next purchase and another $5 off for a baby purchase.

You can keep rolling these into the next deal and repeat, repeat, repeat. I have already done it 2 times and I still have $15 + $5 for another time to do the deal.

So...enjoy the cheap diapers, sale ends Tuesday night/Wednesday! Thanks Holly for the heads up!

Friday, January 9

Vons Deals Today

I went to Vons this afternoon to take advantage of the juice deal & ground turkey deal...Here is what I got...

$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
$2.50 Juicy Juice
-5.00 (buy 5 juices, get $5 off!)
-1.00 ($0.75 Q doubled to $1 ~ Only one like Q doubled)
-3.00 (4 - $0.75 Q's Juicy Juice)

$19.90 10 -( 20 oz) Jenny-O Ground Turkey w/ in-ad Q $1.99 ea

$6.41 Chuck Blade Roast on sale (reg. 13.99)

$0.99 Yellow Mustard

$0.99 Cucumber

$2.01 4 Roma Tomatos

$33.80 TOTAL OOP!

Receipt says...$61.40 Total Savings ~ 64%!

I might have to go back to do the juice deal again! I got 5 Juices for $3.50!! That's even lower than the regular price $4.39 for Juicy Juice. =) Love it!


Tuesday, January 6

My Walgreens Trip Today

I got some freebies today! I think I might make another trip sometime before the sales are over to get more free stuff!! Here is what I got for $2.54!

$4.79 Splenda 100 packets
$4.79 Splenda 100 packets
-3.60 Walgreens in-ad Q to make $2.99 ea.
-3.00 IP Q off 1 splenda product FREE!
-3.00 IP Q off 1 splenda product FREE!
$1.79 Reynolds wrap 20 ft
-0.80 Walgreens in-ad Q to make $0.99 ea.
-1.00 Manuf. Q for Reynolds wrap FREE!
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
$2.99 Garnier Hair Product
-8.00 Wags EasySaver Cat Q to make them $0.99
-4.00 Manuf. Q off Garnier product!! FREE!
$1.29 7th Generation Cleaning product marked way down!
$0.20 2 cookie cutters and 2 pencils for Daughter
$1.12 tax
$2.54 OOP!

$33.88 In Total Savings!

Picture to come!

I have been wanting to try the 7th Generation cleaners, but they are usually like 5 bucks! So glad I found this!!

Monday, January 5

Free @ Walgreens This Week!

Here are some things that are free @ Walgreens this week!

Splenda ~ In-ad Q for $2.99
$3.00/1 IP any Splenda Q found here @ Cheapsk8mom
(hit the back button to get it 2 times...limit from Wags is 3 w/ Q)

And from Coupon Cravings....the 2 listed below...

Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler: $2.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 1/4, 11/9 or 10/5 Red Plum insert
Use $2/1 January EasySaver booklet coupon
Final Price = FREE

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil: $.99
Use $1/1 coupon from 11/16 Smart Source insert
Final Price = FREE

****I saw a commercial and it said "Gotta love FREE" and I DO!!! I'll be getting these this week! ****

Saturday, January 3

CVS ~ All for $0.75!

Got all of this for $0.75 out of my pocket! Gotta love that...I got 3 packs of diapers!!! (one set of diapers is MIA...just fyi)

Transaction #1
$4.99 Throat Coolers (monthly after ecbs)
$7.99 Nasal Drip (monthly after ecbs)
$0.08 tax
-11.99 ecbs
$1.07 on gift card...earn $12.98 ecbs

*I was planning on getting 2 of the Throat coolers to make another $5, but they only had one on the shelf. It's been rumored that the limit is 5...I'll keep an eye out so I can use my bogo and turn this into a it is free after ecb's this month!*

The "Cent"sible Sawyer Monthly Deals (here) ~ has Throat Coolers BOGO coupon!

Transaction #2 (CVS sent me a $5 off $25 purchase)
$2.99 Cascade Gel
-1.00 Cascade Gel from homemailer
$1.79 2-Dawn Dishsoaps
-1.00 2 $.50/1 Q from last week's P&G insert
$3.99 Kid's Listerine
-1.00 IP Q - no longer available
$7.99 Pampers Diapers
-1.00 Pampers Q from last weeks' P&G insert
$8.99 Schick Intuition Shaver
-3.00 Peelie on package! Score!!
$1.99 Rimmel Mouse Foundation (75% off)
-1.00 Rimmel Tearpad $1/1
$0.76 tax
-5.00 $5/$25 purchase
-12.98 ecbs from above
$2.52 on gift card..earn $3 from listerine (monthly deal) and $5 on Schick

Transaction #3
$7.99 Pampers Cruisers
-1.50 Pampers Homemailer
$7.99 Pampers Crusiers
-1.00 Pampers from last weeks P&G insert
$0.46 tax
-10.00 ecbs (received for taking survey!)
$3.19 on gift card & $0.75 OOP! (no ECBs, but a great deal on Diapers!!!)

Thursday, January 1

A couple of Diaper Deals!

Pampers/Cruisers $7.99 for Jumbo Packs
Use Q from 12/28 P&G insert $1/1
Limit 3 (per visit!)

Huggies on Endcap $19.97
I think they were the Value Box
12/7 SS $1/1 any Huggies