Tuesday, January 20

$2 off Self Magazine, Cheap Diapers & Pullups

I just noticed a Q for $1.00 this month's Self Magazine (FEB issue) on my coupon bar (bottom right) & if you go to Shortcuts.com, you can add another $1 off on your Ralph's card. I'm not sure how much the magazine is...but you can get $2 off @ Ralphs by combining the two!


Starting tomorrow @ Ralphs they have Pull-Ups & Huggies Diapers on Sale for $9.99. Add $1.50 off Huggies from shortcuts.com above or $2 off Pull-ups.

$9.99 Pullups
-2.00 Use Q from 1/11 SS and
-2.00 Loadable Q from shortcuts.com
$5.99 for a jumbo pack...pretty good!

$9.99 Huggies Diapers
-1.50 Use Q from 1/11 SS and
-1.50 Loadable from Cellfire.com or shortcuts.com
$6.99 for a jumbo pack...still pretty good!

I will try to post the deals from the Super Mega Event @ Ralph's this weekend. =) Getting some free stuff!! Gotta love that!

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