Tuesday, January 13

HURRY HURRY, Last Day to do the Albertson's Diaper & Wipes Deal!!!

I went today and got 6 packs of Pampers Cruisers diapers (30 ea.) for $20.88...

The breakdown:
$20.88 / 180 = $0.116 per diaper!

I also got the Pampers wipes...

The breakdown:
$16.33 / estimated 1200 (6*200) = $0.014 (rounded)
It's crazy to think we are throwing away a penny a wipe! Time to cut down mommas! The less the better for the pocket and the environment. =)

Total Receipt Savings $90.38!!!

I only spent $37.21...which should've only spent $34, but the cashier didn't scan 3 of my $1 off coupons. I thought she did, but didn't when I looked at the receipt. Oh well! Still a huge deal.

I hope some of you got in the on the deal...you have today left if you didn't!

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