Saturday, January 10

Great Diaper Deal @ Albertsons until Tues!

If you buy 3 Packs of Pampers (Either Cruisers, Dry Fit or Swaddlers) for $10.00 ea. = $30.00 (minus 3 Qs, of course if you have them) Pay that plus tax....GET... 3 $5 Catalina Q =$15 towards your next purchase and GET an overlapping deal of $5 off a baby purchase.


Turn around and do the deal again using the $20 of Catalina's towards the $30 (plus Qs if you have them) only pay $10 plus tax (w/out Q's)...GET 3 more $5 Cats for your next purchase and another $5 off for a baby purchase.

You can keep rolling these into the next deal and repeat, repeat, repeat. I have already done it 2 times and I still have $15 + $5 for another time to do the deal.

So...enjoy the cheap diapers, sale ends Tuesday night/Wednesday! Thanks Holly for the heads up!

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Hailey said...

Seriously an amazing deal. I did it 8 times, spent $100 and got over $250 worth of diapers. I'm stocking up for baby #2! Also I have the $20 in catalina's to use on groceries the next trip!