Saturday, March 21

Bring On the SAVINGS!

I have been trying to keep my receipts to someday add up all the savings. I throw them into a plastic bin (drawer) and finally sorted them. I know this isn't all of them, I do have some stragglers and lingerers that I find randomly...but here are my savings from the reciepts I did find (includes Walmart, Target, Kmart Super Doubles, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Ralphs & Albertsons). I have just added up all the "Your verified savings, Today's Total Savings, etc" (does not include Costco)

Here are the totals!!!

$115.01 ~ August (when I first began my major couponing!)

$304.57 ~ September 2008

$377.40 ~ October 2008

$598.62 ~ November 2008

$635.72 ~ December 2008

$415.38 ~ January 2009 (we had visitors for the month and they bought some goods!)

$523.90 ~ February 2009

$177.48 ~ March so far....we have been using our stockpile. =) Time to stock up again!

$3,148.08 TOTAL SAVINGS in 8 months!

I am just amazed...also b/c I know this is not all the receipts! Plus, March is not over! So, no one can say that coupons are not worth your time....they do save you big!

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Holly said...

Good job Crissy!!!!!! That's awesome!!! Amazing to see the results like that - Maybe I should start saving my receipts!