Monday, March 23

CVS & Walgreens 3/23

CVS trip was great...I got a $5/30 purchase...there weren't enough good deals this I think I'll wait to use it next week (expires 3/30). Here is what I did on a whim...

$3.49 Crest Toothpaste (Get $3.49 ecbs)
-1.00 Crest Q (P&G insert)
$1.99 Playschool wipes
-2.00 Any Playschool product from scanner
$1.79 Palmolive Dishsoap (sign said $1.49 get $1 !?! Dunno what happened)
$1.79 Palmolive Dishsoap (I was oblivious I guess)
-6.00 ecb's
$0.08 tax
$0.14 OOP! Oh yes, you read that right! (got 5.49 in ecb's back)


Walgreens trip was just ho hum. Nothing too appealing except a Foogo Thermos on clearance for $4.37. Used a $4 RR on it and paid $0.71 OOP. (says I saved $17.12!!) Crazy!

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Polly said...

If only I could get some of those lesser value coupons. $10 off $50 is good but $5 off $30 is tons better to work with.