Wednesday, March 11

I WON! ~ a bangalla bag ~

I loved the designs & idea behind the I entered to win. Above is a picture of the bag I liked (it's super bright, more vibrant than the picture above shows!). It's a reusable grocery bag. I used it to hold my coupon binder yesterday when I went out! Loved it. It's are the extra additions from (here to check it out!)
  • Fashionable and creative designs & colors
  • 25 designs to choose from
  • patent pending design
  • super strong (holds over 35lbs)
  • made from 100% rip-stop fabric
  • ideal 19" X 16" inches in size
  • extra long handles with a huge carry area
  • streamlined slip-in pockets for small items
  • tucks back into attached storage pouch
  • reusable and eco-friendly
  • washable
I actually love it! It's super cute! They also offer many other reusable eco-friendly bags. I would encourage you to check out the site. (the bag above retails for $7.95)

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