Wednesday, July 8

CVS this week!

I made a quick trip last night...the hubs likes the H&S shampoo and was in need of some. Also, with the BOGO sale w/ ECB's, I couldn't pass it up! Here's what I did.

$4.99 Head & Shoulders Shampoo (get $2 ecbs) (from last weeks P&G 7/5)
$4.99 Head & Shoulders Shampoo (get $2 ecbs)
-5.99 BOGO Q (she took off the org. price)

$0.89 CVS Pantiliners (free after ecbs)

$0.99 Lady Speedstick travel size
-1.00 CRT $1 off any Lady Speedstick from Q Machine

-5.00 ecbs

$0.51 tax

$0.38 OOP! (Received $4.89 in ecb's)

**Got my $1 of spring spending!

$14.09 Saved this trip
$468.67 Year to date savings

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