Tuesday, June 23

Free Bounty @ Ralphs

I'm not sure how long this will last. I found it yesterday. If you received a P&G coupon booklet...there are 3 $1/1 Any Bounty Paper towels. They are on sale for $1 ea. =) Free!

The Flipz...covered pretzels are free too! They are $1 ea and the coupon is for $.50/1 which will double at Ralphs.

Also...the Dawn Natural Elements are on sale for $2.50 ea...if you use the June P&G coupon from earlier this month for $1.50/1...makes them $1 ea for the big one! Great price!

I ended up getting 3 papertowel rolls, 7 flipz and 2 dawn elements (the big ones) last night for $2.70! (I had to do sep. transactions for the flipz b/c they will not double more than one like coupon.)

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