Thursday, November 13

Walgreens $5 off $20 Purchase! **UPDATED**

Check out my last coupon bar on the right. There is a Walgreen's Coupon for this Friday and Saturday only. The coupon is $5 off, $20 purchase. The deal is the total has to be $20 after all manufacture's coupons! So you will be spending at least $15 OOP. So, I'm sure you are wondering...what do you do when you get this coupon...well...I pull up my trusty Excel spreadsheet and start putting in numbers. I will put down all the things I want to buy and the total Q's. I will try to get as much stuff as I can using Q's and just keep adding it up until I get to $20...which is easy! I will post my scenario...

Some coupon match-ups I did earlier this week (click here)

My Scenario:
$2.49 (2 coffee mate creamers)
-2.00 (2 creamers $1 off Q's)
10.00 (4 Kellogg's Cereals - get $2 in RR back)
-4.00 (4 Kellogg's $1 off Q's)
11.97 (3 Sudafed's - get back $5 in RR)
-4.00 (3 Sudafed Q's 1.50+1.50+1)
9.99 ( Lysol NeutraAir Starter kit - get $3 back in Rebates)
-5.00 (1 $5 off Starter kit Q)
+2.50 Folgers coffee (was in a hurry)
1.00 ( Holiday pens/pencils 5/$1)

$21.46 Subtotal
- 5.00 $5/$20 purchase
+ 1.31 tax
$17.77 OOP ($13.71 on GC, $4.06 OOP)

So, paid $17.77 and I got back $7 in Register Rewards (money off my next purchase) and will be eligible for $3 rebate (plus 10% when put back on gift card) and get all of the above!!


Other note: usually this would be a good time to buy a "free after rebate" item that Walgreens has in their EasySaver Catalog...i.e. Almay mascara! Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear or see your scenarios!

One Other note: Walgreens policy is to have as many items as you have Q's! So keep that in mind. You might have to buy the little holiday pencils as "filler" items to make it even.

Check out the post here from Money Saving Mom ~ Walgreens 101 for those that are new!

Get to saving!


Tricia @ sunsandfamily dot com said...

Hi! Has anyone seen any of the Coachella Valley Walgreens have anything beside French Vanilla or Hazelnut in the liquid Coffeemates? After visiting 3 today, that may be all the offer but just thought I'd check while there is time to use the $5 of $20 Q's. I usually buy them when Ralphs marks them down for short dating and then combine that with a coupon, but its too early in the season to get any of the holiday flavors. --- Any other ideas to save money by avoiding Starbucks, Its a Grind, Coffee Bean, etc and all their fun yet costly Holiday drinks?? I use a coffee press with various coffees...want to figure out how to make espresso with it...

Cris said...

Hi Tricia! I think I've only seen the same 2 at Walgreens. My husband likes the I just get that one. I do have some ideas for you! I will post what I found! I hope this helps. I'm clueless with the espresso..sorry! =)