Wednesday, November 26

Overage Deals @ Walgreens

I haven't really been out to CVS or Walgreens lately. I wanted to do the battery deal at CVS, but didn't get around to it. However, I am planning on picking up some free deodorant (plus slight overage) at Walgreens this week! I have some RR's to use and my gift card is being reloaded for December rebates. (free after rebates look slim this month, but we will see what else when I pick up a couple of the EasySaver Catalogs)

Some of the below have the same things noted...
Couponing 101 has some good buys (here)
Thrifty Mama (here)

I really enjoy getting new products (especially when they are free!) to try out. I actually have found some new products doing this that I enjoy using. I.e. Pantene Expressions shampoo, Shavers, Frebreeze Noticables- love them, body washes, toothbrushes and many more. I will post my scenarios probably before I go. =) Let me know if you find any good deals to be had!

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