Monday, November 17

Took back the 3 lbs of Meat!

well, I did it. I was so appalled by the price tag of $17.37 for ONLY 3 lbs of Hamburger! Are you kidding me! I totally thought it was going to be $10 minus $2.50. Which would have been just an Okay price. Oh well. Ralphs was great at doing a refund. I got my full refund and still just can't believe that they even sell it at that price and people actually buy it!! (they probably are like me and just don't want to hassle with taking it back.) =)

we went to the mall today to pick up some pictures from we stopped on the way home at Trader Joe's for some bananas. It was only my 2 nd time in the store...but love that you can get 5 bananas for under $1! We love them and go thru them so fast. I browsed their store and this is what I got with some of the refund money...

4 hass avacados $3.29
5 bananas $.95
2 cartons of 12 Lg Eggs (hormone/antibotic free) $1.49 ea. x 2 = $2.98
1 brocolli batch (for a luncheon I'm having this week) 1.69 ea (i think)
$8.91 OOP

I actually love that they have organic apples for a decent I might just try to get my apples and produce from them...depending on what Albies and Ralphs sales are for produce. I must note that I'm not fully organic, but love getting a good deal on organic produce when I can. I have been increasing our fresh vegetable and fruit intake lately. We usually have a fruit and veggie at lunch and dinner! Breakfast is just whatever...due to the fact...I'm not really a morning person. =)

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Shannon B. said...

I can't believe that was only your second time going in Trader Joe's! It is a fun store. Also, I scored on the chuck roast on sale at albertson's today, buy one get one free! i just happened to go there because i did recycling and then i had to use my recycling refund voucher in that store.