Sunday, November 2

Target Deals 11/02-11/8

Just browsing the ad...(not the Superstore ad)

Make sure you check out all the printable Q's from the Target webpage, you can stack Target's coupons with Manu Q's and get even better savings!?!

*** Great Deal*** $2 ~ 4pk - GE Reveal general purpose light bulbs
~ Q $1/1 on any GE Energy Smart, GE Reveal, or GE Edison (9/28 SS)
~ $1/1 online printable (here) up to 2 coupons (thanks HCW!)
= $1 each for a 4 pack

$5.49 ~ 21oz Jergens or 13 oz Curel
~Q $1/1 Curel Q's (10/12 SS)
~Q $1/1 Jergens Q's (10/12 SS)
= $4.49 each

$1.67 ~ Prego Italian Pasta Sauce
~Q $1/2 Target printable (stack with Manu Q) - from HCW (here)
~Q $.75/2 Prego Italian Sauce (10/5 SS)
= Buy 2 for $1.59 (less than the cost of one!) Wahoo!

2 for $5 ~ Quaker Instant Oats or Oatmeal to go
~ Q $1/2 any Quaker Oats (10/19 RP)
~ Q $1/1 IP (Here) Quaker Instant Oats (use 2)
= $4 for Both w/ first Q, $3 for both with two IP's

$2.25 ~ palmolive pure & clear
~Q $.75/1 palmovlie pure & clear (10/26 SS)
= $1.50 ea, not the best deal, but not too bad if you use this one.

$5.99 ~ Airwick's Freshmatic Start Kit
~Q $4/1 Starter Kit IP (here) (thanks HCW)
= $1.99 ea

$4.99 ~ Children's Tylenol or Motrin (4 oz)
~Q $1/1 children's tylenol (9/28 RP)
~Q $2/2 Johnson's products (9/14 SS)
~ Q $3/3 Johnson's products (9/14 SS)
= $3.99 ea, $7.98 for 2, $11.97 for 3

$4.49 ~ Triaminic Night Time (4 oz)
~Q $1/1 any Triaminic 4 oz (10/19 SS)
~Q $2/1 IP any Triaminic (here)
= $3.49 ea or w/ IP $2.49

2 for $11 ~ Ready-to-feed Similac or Enfamil
~Q $1/1 any Similac R-t-F (5/11 SS), use 2!
= $9 for 2

Sources: (database coupon search) & (wkly ad)

Be sure to check out attention target shoppers for more match-ups.


Tricia said...

Hi! I wanted to email this to you but couldn't figure out how...I found your blog quite by accident, but am so excited because you are local and thank you for helping find the savings! I am just returning to couponing from a 6+ month absence where my life was just crazy and I stayed out of stores. Due to budget constraints for a few months we have been feeding our family of 4 on $100 a month, so I really need coupons/savings to help stretch things!
I live in PD and also go to Southwest. A lady (I met at Southwest) just starting getting me multiple sets of coupon inserts a few weeks ago, up until then I didn't have access to coupons, so now I am ready to shop! (Well first I need to write my menu plan for November!)

Cris said...

I'm so glad you found me! I hope this helps out! I was praying it would and was curious if anyone had even seen it!?! I pray this is useful as it can be to you and your family. Budgets are tight all around, you are not the only one. Makes it important to save as much money in the stores as we can. I would love to hear about the good deals you find or the money you are saving! I added my email on the right side. =) I look forward in hearing from you!!!

Tricia said...

I think there are a lot more people trying to live frugally in this area than there ever has been. Unfortunately we live in an area that has so much wealth and a lot people have so much focus on their image that they won't admit they should be tightening their purse strings. I pray that people won't go further into debt trying to keep up with their material desires that aren't essential to life.