Tuesday, November 11

My Planned Walgreens Trip...still in plan mode!

Well, I am currently thinking this plan for this week...although, I'm debating the Nestle Toll house and Jif deals...

$2.49 ~ 2 Coffee Mate Creamers (BOGO w/ in-ad Q)
-1.00 ~ $1/1 Coffee Mate Creamer
-1.00 ~ $1/1 Coffee Mate Creamer (making 2 for $0.49!)

$0.99 ~ Reach Dental Floss (w/ in-ad Q)
-1.00 ~ Reach Dental floss Q (making this free!)

*not the correct floss Q! boo hoo

I really like the black and blue package Reach Dental floss!! I'm so glad it's free(or so I think it applies)!!! I'm still trying to find my other Q to get 2 instead of one to add to the stockpile.

I already bought the "free after rebate" Almay mascara...($6.99-$1 off Q, deal is use $1 Q and get the entire $6.99 back plus 10% for putting it on a gift card.)

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