Wednesday, November 5

Albertsons Deals 11/5-11/11

Check out I am Frugal (here) to get the list of deals for this week. It's can buy $29 worth of food before Q's and get $15 (3 - $5 catalina q's) off your next purchase. So technically, if you had a ton of matchable Q's, you could roll the deal a few times! Hope this helps! I might try to put my scenario on here later. =)


Holly said...

Wow that's a good deal!! I'm excited!! I didn't know that it was $30 worth of original prices!!! SWEET!!!

Cris said...

Yes, that's what I'm told. I haven't done it for myself yet!

Tricia said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I can't wait to figure this one out tomorrow morning. I printed the lists but don't have my math brain working this late.

Today at Albertsons I bought 2 bags of Fresh Express Salad for $5. They had tearpad coupons in front of the salads for 2 pounds of bananas free. And it didn't specify that it couldn't be used on Organic Bananas which was great, although they aren't too much more than regular bananas.

Cris said...

Tricia - You go girl!! I saw that in the ad, but we had two heads of lettuce from costco still to use for salad. Have you figured out your scenario for Albertson's catalina deal? I have been using an excel spreadsheet. That way, I can print it off and have the list and prices in front of me in the store. Helps when you have little ones along for the shopping trip. =) Let me know how you come out!?! I would love to know!

Tricia ( said...

I haven't gotten to try it yet... plan to tomorrow. Tonight I did catch a few things while my daughters were at Small Groups.

I tried to do the Prego deal at Target La Quinta tonight and they wouldn't take my Target Web coupon...wouldn't even try if they scan. They also, of course, wouldn't take my Goody coupon.

I had recieved a $10 Kohls card, good off a $10 purhase, in the mail. I found headbands marked down to $2.40. So got 4 for it.

I also went to PetCo. I used a $5 Science Diet coupon on the $5 bag they have on sale. They also had dog treats on an end cap that were half off at $2.49 but had a $1 peelie. I bought one of those, not sure if my dog likes it. (They are healthy type). I asked my husband to print up one or two more of those $5 coupons off different computers at work.

Last night I went to CVS. My Bare Minerals foundation finally ran out after almost 10 months. I decided to try a cheaper store brand. The Physicians Formula Organics line has Mineral Powder which is 40% off this week...and used a $1 off coupon. So about $7.99 instead of $25(at least). I liked it so much after using it today, that my teen daughter went with another coupon and got herself some for when her Bare Minerals foundation runs out.

I normally don't "shop" so much in 24 hours, but got some great deals!

Cris said...

Tricia - That's great!! Sad to hear about the Target coupons. I haven't tried to use printables there, but I think Holly got them to take it at the indio super T...That so stinks. I'm sorry. Great job on the Kohls..did you know if you sign up for the kohls e-mail alerts on the website (bottom right), you can get $5 off an instore Q!!! I think I'm going to post that in a sec. The dog food deal was stellar...very nice. Gotta love free! I am so glad to hear that you are getting great deals...puts a huge smile on my face. =)