Tuesday, November 25

Coupon/Store Savings for November!

So, I know this month is not over yet...but I got this idea to get all the receipts I could find and see how much they said I saved. I am missing a couple...definitely going to do better on keeping tabs on them for the future. The numbers are amazing!

Keep in mind: I am missing a few receipts and this is only ONE month!

$212.37 Ralphs
$166.35 Albertsons
$ 11.97 Walmart (just added up manfQ's)
$390.69 Reported Savings!!!

I'm still in shock! I am not even worried about going over my budget...I think I have but I don't think by much! Just to think I have saved at least that amount just blows my mind...I am ready to do even better next month with the budget now that I have stockpiled some items, but it's still going to be a challenge. =) Hope this offers some encouragement...it's definitely encouraged me!

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Holly said...

Good job Crissy!! That is awesome!!