Tuesday, November 18

Menu Planning Monday ~ A Day Late...oops!

Grocery List from Menu:
1 jalapeno (salsa)
2 limes (salsa)
Tortilla shells (soft or hard)
Pizza - Costco probably (haven't decided if I want to make from scratch yet!)
Frozen Veggies from Walmart (using coupons to get for $.27!)

~ Monday ~
grilled steak/pork chops

~ Tuesday ~
Omelets w/the works
toast & HM straw. jam

~ Wednesday ~
Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken
w/ Pineapple Rice
Soy Sauce Green Beans?

~ Thursday ~
Turkey Tacos w/
mango salsa
& the works
(maybe HM Guacamole)

~ Friday ~

~ Saturday ~
Pizza or pick something up

~ Sunday ~
Thinking Curry
& Jasmine Rice

Check out
for some great organizing ideas!

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