Monday, December 29

Unplanned Walgreens Run 12/29

*not pictured...Gatorade*
**razor, travel shampoo and shaving gel in Bonus Packs**

Well, I had to run out to get some Motrin & Gatorade for my dd. =) I was planning on getting the Gillette shavers deal and also the free body wash...all for the hubby. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found! I ended up finding the Bonus sets....some where way up high on the top of the shelf. Just fyi...keep a look out! I just had my rebates being I didn't have my gift card reloaded.

I did this transaction 4 times (My husband should be set for AWHILE w/ this purchase!)

$8.99 Bonus pack of Fusion Razor
-4.00 P&G Fusion Razor Q
$4.50 Gillette Body Wash (on sale 2/$9)
-4.50 Free w/ Razor Purchase Q
$1.05 tax
$6.04 OOP ( get $3 RR x 4)

**I wish that I could've used the $3 to roll into...but with Walgreens, you cannot use the RR from the deal to roll into the next deal...the RR will not print. =( So, higher OOP, but this is an insane price for 4 body washes...usually 2 for $9 and 4 razors...usually $8.99 or higher!

$24.16 OOP total for the Shaving/Body Wash
$45.96 savings!

Medicine/Gatorade Transaction
$6.99 Motrin (left printable at home! BOO HOO)
$1.99 Gatorade
+0.20 CRV
-3.00 RR from above
-3.00 RR from above
$0.54 tax
$3.62 OOP

$6.00 savings!

Total: $27.78 OOP, got $12 in RR, used $6 RR, $51.96 savings!!

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