Thursday, December 11

Ralph's 12/10-12/16 * In progress

FREE Items this week:

(10 for $10 Mix & Match)

$1 Sure deodorant $1/1 IP (here)
(Make sure to hit the back arrow to print out the 2 you are allowed to print!)

$1 LifeSavers ~ 10/19 SS $1/1 bag

$1 Daisy Sour Cream ~ 11/16 SS $.50/1, will double to $1
note: if you have more than one Q, you will have to do multiple transactions to get the Q to double. If you try to buy 2 or more, only the first Q will double and the rest will just be $0.50 = face value.
*the 2 sour creams I got free*

Other Deals:
$1 - Fresh Express Garden, Shreds or Coleslaw
-$0.55/1 Fresh Express Salad Blend 12/07 SS (says do not double, not sure if it would!)
= $0.45 each

$2 - Kraft Cool Whip
-$0.75/1 Cool Whip, dbl to $1 12/07 SS
=$1 each

$1 - Hunts (variety) tomatoes

$1 - Steamfresh Frozen Veggies

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've heard and it seems to work for me that if the bar code number starts with the #9 it WON'T double if it starts with a 5 it will double even if printed that it won't (unless you have a cashier that is crazy picky then they seem to override the double because it is printed on the Q. Of course this onle works within each stores doubling procedure. HTH