Saturday, December 27

Monthly Totals Breakdowns (Dec 2008)

I will more than likely not be going to Walgreens/CVS or the Grocery Store until later this week...Probably will be in the new year! Here are my deals from December! Hope you got in on some of the good deals!

Grocery Store Budget $250.00
I know I did not do a very good job of keeping track of my receipts from this month. I checked our bank account and found that we were around $220.00 (rounded) and I know that we spent about $5 more dollars in cereal...etc. So I'm saying we probably were around $225. This is just unbelievable considering we had family in town for a week and I cooked almost every night. I pulled from my stockpile for most of the meals! I'm just amazed....and so excited that I have been able to keep under budget and still have decent meals/prepared meals on the table every night (except on Sat...for the most part!)

Sometimes I think it's crazy that I have 11 boxes of unopened cereal, 4 boxes of opened cereals...but 13 of them cost me less than $5 oop! However, my growing daughter loves having cereal for breakfast and she can eat almost 2 bowls half of the time (granted they are kiddie bowls...but the cereal goes fast!) I just can't believe what I used to pay for everything! I can't thank some of the frugal blogging women enough for the amazing encouragement and deals they work so hard on to provide for us that seek it. =) Here are my drug store finds!

Things we use daily
Useful Items/Food Items
Things I got due to sale/making money/almost free
Bonus - Things I wouldn't normally buy...but glad I got them for free or pennies!

CVS ~ Total OOP: $9.99
Total savings: $87.04
ECB's Used: $51.43
ECB's Earned: $48.64
ECB's On hand: $9.99 plus $6.78 on gc

Items Bought:
2 Boxes Contact Solution
5 Packs of batteries
1 First Aid Kit
1 Maybelline Mascara
1 Maybelline lip product
1 Earinse
1 Excedrin pills
1 Edge Power bar
1 Degree Deodorant
1 Loreal Eyeshadow
1 Crest Toothpaste

Walgreens ~ Total OOP: $2.44

Total on GC: $10.99

Total Rebate Due: $7.70
Register Rewards on hand: $0

Items Bought:
2 Bic Soleil Razor Systems
2 Soleil refills
2 Ultra Clean Toothbrushes
2 Pampers wipes
6 Airwick Candles
4 Boxes Reynolds Foils
2 Maybelline Lip Glosses
4 Bags of Candy
1 Mini Puzzle (stocking stuffer!)
2 3pks of Scotch Tape
2 Oil of Olay Face Cleansers
1 Box of Turtles Chocolates

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