Sunday, December 7

Testing it Out- Homemade Baby Food!

Well, I have been excited about this for weeks! Ralph's had some apples on sale this past week, 3 lbs for $0.99! So we got a bag for me to try and make homemade applesauce for our lil man! Here are the pics. I just put them in the freezer and can't wait to see how they come out. After they freeze, I am going to put them in a ziplock bag, label & date them and throw them in the deep freeze. He isn't quite ready for them yet, but it's just around the corner! So, if you have any helpful hints or tips about making homemade baby food...PLEASE fill me in. I'm stoked at all the possibilities.

The top two trays are apples, the green ~ avacados of course & with them ~ mango puree!

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JANE4girls said...

Wow, flash back. I used to make food for my kiddos too.