Monday, December 22

$2.22 OOP, but No Arm & Hammer!

Well, I really wanted to try the Arm & Hammer Essentials for free and make money on them. Unfortunately, I went a tad bit too late. =( It's okay...I still got some deals and I really needed to get the hubby some deodorant. Here are the breakdowns:

Transaction #1
$2.99 Crest toothpaste
-1.00 Crest Q
$3.69 Degree Deodorant
-5.00 Ecb's
$0.13 tax
$0.81 OOP

Get back $2 ecb's Crest, $1 for Degree

Transaction #2
$3.99 Excedrin
-2.00 Excedrin Q
$7.99 HIB Loreal eyeshadow (wrong one, was more expensive!)
$1.69 Edge Power Bar
-9.99 ecb's
$0.15 tax
$1.83 OOP

Got $3.99 ecb's for excedrin, $1.69 for Edge (If if would've had the right shadow, I would've had $6.99 ecb's also and only about $0.83 oop.)

Got to the car and realized that I didn't get the right eyeshadow b/c it didn't print out my ecb's! Sigh, so I went back in to fix it.

The fix:
$8.61 refund $1.83 cash, $6.78 on Gift card

$6.99 the correct shadow
-1.69 ecbs
-3.99 ecbs
$0.10 tax
$1.41 OOP plus $6.99 ecb's and $ 6.78 on gift card! Wahoo...not bad considering I had to blow some Ecb's on deodorant and they didn't have the essentials or benefiber. =)

OOP calculation:
-1.83 refund

Now I have $6.99, $2 and $1 in ecb's plus $6.78 on gift card.

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