Wednesday, December 10

CVS Trip 12/10!

Here is my CVS Haul from tonight. Not too bad! Free Contact Solution & First Aid Kit! I had to get our Christmas Cards that I ordered. It said they were $0.48 but our bank was charged $1. Not really going to argue that. They are not that bad. I thought they were going to have an inside, but they are just postcard like. Oh well! That's what I get for paying $1 for 30 of them! HA!

The Breakdown:

Transaction #1
$8.99 Contact Solution
-8.99 ECB's
Get $8.99 in ECB's back!

Transaction #2
$8.99 Contact Solution (limit 2)
-2.00 Contact Solution Q
$0.99 First Aid Kit
-1.00 CVS First Aid Kit Q
$3.00 Batteries ($3.00 towards $15.00, get $5 ECBs)
-8.99 ECB's from Trans #1
$0.23 tax
$0.47 OOP!
Get $8.99 ECB's from Contact Solution

Transaction #3
$12.00 - 4 sets of batteries
- 3.79 - Ecbs from prior week
$0.64 tax
$5.85 OOP!
Get $5 ECB's for Duracell Deal

It was so cute...the lady that checked me out said this after the last transaction, "Hon, that's more than you usually spend!" She is so sweet. I said I know...I am conserving my ecbs for the next couple of weeks with the free after ecb's deals!

$6.32 Total OOP
Gained over a buck in Ecbs = $13.99 in Ecb...Need to roll them more!! =)
Got 5 sets of batteries, 2 Contact solutions & a first aid kit for my purse/diaper bag!

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