Friday, October 31

Costco Organic Tortilla Chips

I don't know about you, but we go through tortilla chips like they are nothing. We use them for taco salad, chips & salsa, with hummus, nachos, etc. I just made a trip to Costco earlier in the week and found....USDA Organic Tortilla Chips for $ 3.99!!! I just had them today at lunch for the first time. SO GOOD!

Sale/Price Comparison:
I saw that Ralph's had Mission (the chips we used to use, making a switch!) on sale 2 for $5. They are each a 28 oz bag.

2 bags = 56 oz, $5/56 oz will be price per oz. = $0.09/oz
Costco Chips = 40 oz , $3.99/40 = $0.10/oz

Both of these numbers, I rounded up...but I just wanted to compare the two prices. Very close when it comes down to it...I think I'm sold on the Costco chips. They are good and worth a try if you are looking for organic and go through chips like we do. =) ENJOY!

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