Monday, September 20

Rite Aid ~ 9/19 Trip

This week was score for me. I ended up doing the diaper deal from Deal Seeking Mom (found here) twice! Each time I got back $6 Ups rewards (which I rolled into the next transaction) for the diapers and I have submitted for a $10 Gift Card for purchasing $25 in Kimberly-Clark Rebate through their Single Check Rebate program!

So basically, I got 6 packs of jumbo size Huggies Pure & Natural (priced $8.99 ea) for $17.78 Total OOP (That equals $2.96 a pack)! Then I will get $10 to spend next month to lower my OOP and I got $6 UPs for next trip.

I also did a 3rd transaction...(heard a tip to check the Flameless Candles)

$15.96 - 4 Flameless Candles on Clearance 75% off @ $3.99 ea
-16.00 - $4/1 from P&G insert

$3.98 - 2 Quaker Oats (get $1 UPS for each)

$2.99 - Listerine Zero

$2.99 - Oral B toothbrush

-5.00 - Ups ($3 & $2 Ups added to much...I didn't get to use $3.75 in MFQ's)

$1.31 - Tax
$ 1.23 OOP

Got back $2 for each Quaker Oats, $2 for Oral B toothbrush, $1 for Listerine Zero
Plus, the Listerine and toothbrush will finish my qualifying products to get another rebate =D

$54.90 in Wellness+ Savings
$26.00 in Total Coupon Savings

Lesson learned...I need to do my math and I could have saved my $3 Ups and used the MFQ. I was just excited that I found the candles for free so I didn't have to buy hair dye to roll my UPs.

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