Wednesday, September 22

One more Stop by CVS this week! 9/22 Trip

Well, I had a $4 off $20 purchase and wanted to use it before I lost it. Next week doesn't look so promising and I still have another $4 off $20 purchase to use before 10/03. I also heard that some CVS stores had some laundry detergent and stuff on major clearance, so I wanted to hit up my local store to see if I could score some. I did find some Diego bandaids on clearance for $0.85, usually $3.59 (note: there were only 20 in there! Are you kidding me?) But I got them free plus overage. Here's the breakdown:

$0.85 - Clearance bandaids
$0.85 - Clearance bandaids
$0.99 - Travel Kit to use coupon
$5.99 - Relvon Double Twist Mascara (Get back $5 )
$5.99 - Relvon Double Twist Mascara (Get back $5)
$5.99 - Relvon Double Twist Mascara Dbl Pack (Get back $5)
$1.72 - Tax

-2.00 - (2) $1 off one Revlon (only had 2)
-3.00 - $3 off 3 J&J bandaid
-4.00 - $4 off $20 purchase
-16.00 - ECB's
$0.38 OOP

Saved $39.18 and I got back $15 in ECB's
I thought he scanned my bag tag, but I don't think he did. I will get $1 back next time for the tag.

Not too bad! I won't need mascara for a year or maybe longer!

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RitzFamily said...

You've been scoring great deals Crissy! I've started collecting my coupons again. My stash is just now getting to where it needs replenishing. Can't wait to get out there and score some deals soon! ~Janette~