Sunday, August 8

Kotex....Pantiliners or Tampons Great Deal!

Well, this is prime example and kinda personal, but I ended up getting the U by Kotex pantiliners a couple of weeks ago when they were free from CVS. I probably would not have bought them, I tend to stick with another brand. However, being willing to try it, I did. I love love love them! So, I'm excited to share this really great deal with you for them!!!

The deal will work to get 2 packs of pantiliners or tampons at Walgreens this week for a $1 (plus tax)!!!

All you need to do is print this IP (here) 2 times or get this Sunday's paper & pick up an August coupon book from the front display in Walgreens. The coupon inside the booklet has $2 off any Kotex or U by Kotex product...Here's the deal...

The ad says buy 2 Kotex products for $7.

$7.00 - 2 boxes of pantiliners
-1.00 - 1st Internet Q $1 off / 1
-1.00 - 2nd Internet Q $1 off / 1
-4.00 - $2/1 IVC Aug. book (it will take it off twice w/ 2 products)
$1.00 plus tax for 2 boxes!!!

You can do this more times if you have the Sunday paper and IPs. The August book (IVC they call it) coupon will take $2 off each box you buy....That's pretty cheap liners or tampons!!!

ALSO, there is a deal for FREE Pilot V5 pens....Using the same August Coupon Book!!

$1.99 Pilot Precise V5 Pens (2 Pack)
$1.99 Pilot Precise V5 Pens (2 Pack)
-1.00 IP (Here)
-1.00 2nd IP from above
-1.00 IVC from August Coupon book
-1.00 IVC Q takes it off 2 times since it's 2 packs
= FREE plus tax!!

The deal with Walgreens is you have to have the same number of products as coupons. However, the IVC with a Manufacture's coupon works! Sometimes you might need to buy a filler or combine with another deal to eat the small overage...For example, I plan on doing this:

$3.98 - 2 pilot pens
-2.00 - 2 Internet Q's (give them first!)
-2.00 - 1 IVC from Aug. booklet
$7.00 - 2 Kotex products
-2.00 - 2 Internet Q's
-4.00 - 1 IVC from Aug. booklet
+0.96 - Tax
$1.94 TOTAL OOP for 2 packs of Pens and 2 packs of feminine goods!!!

LOVE IT!! Happy Couponing!

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