Saturday, August 7

Free SoBe Waters!!!

At CVS, they have SoBe waters on sale BOGO this week ending today. You still have time to get a couple free if you go here (CLICK HERE) and play the game. I have always won a BOGO SoBe every time I played.

Okay, the insider scoop (word on the street)...the sale week 8/15-8/21 SoBe will also be BOGO again at CVS! So you have a week to rack up the coupons to get them for FREE! Here's how it works with the coupon and the BOGO sale to get them both for free!

$1.59 1st 20oz. SoBe water
$1.59 2nd 20oz. SoBe water
-1.59 2nd Sobe water courtesy of CVS store BOGO ad
-1.59 1st Sobe water courtesy of Sobe (aka, the coupon)

We have to pay a deposit of 5 cents, but it's basically free. Just for the record, you are not stealing, you are not ripping CVS off. Their coupon policy says specifically that this is legal. I have seen emails from CVS customer service stating they allow this to get both products FREE. Think about it, they are getting the money from SoBe for the value of the coupon and then some (like 8 cents) for the coupon, as they would've gotten the money from us if there was no coupon.
(get it? good now get some free SOBE water! I love the blue and blackberry flavor!)

Here's how to do this for all my new friends out there...
1. Create a coupon/dummy email that you will use for all the coupon sites/games to win coupons online. So you are not clogging up your personal email with the junk stuff coupons you get via this email.

2. Use a shortened version of your name or only the first letter when you sign up for websites. You have to register sometimes, and I will not give out personal info besides my name. I don't use my exact birthday, but close. Just for privacy reasons...NEVER give out information about Kids/Spouses/How much money you make...ETC!

3. You will have to install a coupon (aka Q) printer on your browser. I have them installed from, etc., and have never had a problem with virus or anything of the same. I do find that some print out easier on IE opposed to Foxfire browser.

Key to printing them off the internet, you can hit the backspace button and get another coupon. Most printable coupons (aka IPs) will let you print out 2 per printer. If you have multiple printers, you get more...Only 2 per printer though. I usually turn the paper so I have one coupon on one side and another on the opposite side of the back. So there are two coupons per sheet, but just be careful they are not directly on each other. I have to put the paper in "Just printed Q" facing up with the bottom in the printer. Hope that's not too confusing! I don't like wasting paper as much as I like wasting ink. lol. Plus I hole punch them and add them to my coupon binder. =D All my little IP's and Q's are together and neat, easy to find!

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