Friday, October 1

September 2010 Drugstore Spent/Saved Totals

I was just tallying up what I spent and what I saved this last month at CVS, Rite Aid & Walgreens. Here are my totals.

Spent $10.77
Saved $281.69

Rite Aid
Spent $30.26 (Includes 6 packs of diapers too!!)
Saved $190.37

Spent $3.72
Saved $27.98

For a GRAND TOTAL...(Drumroll please)
Spent $44.75 for the Month
Saved $500.04!!!

Considering that I could have gotten 6 packs of diapers ($7.99 x 6) for $47.94!!
I am so thankful and glad I have been back in the coupon world! We are stocked on Olay, diapers, shavers, shaving creams, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dishsoap, feminine products, and the list goes on!

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